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shopware / shopware

Use for offtopic chats - Use for discussions in german

shopware php open source ecommerce

OpenDroneMap / OpenDroneMap

OpenDroneMap is a tool to postprocess small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (sUAS), balloon, kite, and street view data to geographic data. Join the conversation:

drones open source aerial photography mapping GIS photogrammetry


Developer discussions about OSVR-Core and the OSVR open-source virtual reality software framework. Some related OSVR projects have their own channels...

virtual reality OSVR open source

freesewing / freesewing

This is the best place to ask questions, meet other freesewers, or just hang out and share a laugh.

sewing open source patterns PHP

new-xkit / XKit

It is has been suggested to me that this website has TOO MANY errors, and that correcting them would be a wise (and possibly lucrative) strategy.

dev tumblr javascript extensions open source xkit new xkit

code-stats / Lobby

Current version: 2.0.4 | Changes: | This channel is publicly logged.

code-stats open source elixir phoenix phoenix framework ecto redom

jaeksoft / opensearchserver

Open-source Enterprise Grade Search Engine Software

open source search engine web crawler

FreezingMoon / Gummy-Turbo-Tunnel

Free Open Source Game! The Hellish BattleToads Turbo Tunnel Level! [Game]

free open source browser based game phaser BattleToads Gumble Ancient Beast

midlothian-code / web-team

Chat related to developing/maintaining the Midlothian Code website and other web development projects

website open source contributors

midlothian-code / iOS-team

Chat related to developing/maintaining native iOS projects

iOS Apple open source contributors

midlothian-code / android-team

Chat related to developing/maintaining native Android OS projects

Android open source contributors

boiledegg / community

Community Discussion for The Boiled Egg - A Website for Egg Recipes

angular web development open source

FreezingMoon / Phaser

[Official Website] [Repository]

free open source game engine engine game javascript phaser