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bpampuch / pdfmake

Client/server side PDF printing in pure JavaScript

javascript side pdf printing pure

copleykj / meteor-shower

A dual client/server side form data validation and transformation package for Meteor

javascript dual side form data validation

tfsaggregator / tfsaggregator

A server side plugin for TFS for performing various Work Item related calculations.

server side plugin tfs performing work

InterNations / http-mock

Mock HTTP requests on the server side in your PHP unit tests

php mock http requests server side

Milk-Enterprises / Gambot

Issues: | Pull requests: | When in doubt:

milk side waffles irc bot future

php-build / php-build

Builds PHP so that multiple versions can be used side by side.

shell builds php multiple versions side

MrSwitch / esi

Edge Side Includes processing for Client and Node environments

javascript edge side includes processing client

nunull / instant.js

A lightweight client side MVC framework using handlebars.js and jQuery. Keeps your data and the DOM in sync.

javascript lightweight client side mvc framework