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librespot-org / spotify-connect-resources

The community for ongoing Spotify Connect research and the librespot-org/librespot project.

repository hold related reversing spotify connect java rust

Drivemode / SpotifyApi

Spotify Web API Wrapper with Retrofit and OkClients just for Android. This library includes authentication and account token management feature.

java spotify web api wrapper retrofit

lukedirtwalker / cutespotify

A QT5 Spotify client, based on MeeSpot with support for Ubuntu Touch and SailfishOS.

qml qt5 spotify client based meespot

Burgestrand / spotify

Low-level Ruby bindings for libspotify, the official Spotify C API

low-level ruby bindings libspotify official spotify

DroptuneHQ / Lobby

New music notifications. Follow your favorite artists so you don't miss a beat.

music bands social network spotify apple music rails ruby postgres