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jscs-dev / node-jscs

JavaScript Code Style checker - JSCS has merged with ESLint!

javascript code style checker

sourcejs / Source

Living Style Guide Engine and Maintenance Environment for Front-end Components. Core repository.

javascript living style guide engine maintenance

shouldjs / should.js

BDD style assertions for node.js -- test framework agnostic

javascript bdd style assertions nodejs --

michaeldv / awesome_print

Pretty print your Ruby objects with style -- in full color and with proper indentation

ruby pretty print objects style --

bitovi / documentcss

A documentation/guide portal for the Live Style Guide feature of DocumentJS

html portal live style guide feature

springside / springside4

A Spring Framework based, pragmatic style JavaEE application reference architecture.

java spring framework based pragmatic style

locaweb / locawebstyle

Locaweb Style - A framework with CSS and JS patterns to build products admin interface.

javascript locaweb style framework css js

livingstyleguide / livingstyleguide

Easily create front-end style guides with Markdown and Sass/SCSS.

ruby easily create front-end style guides

milkshakesoftware / PreMailer.Net

C# .Net library, that moves your stylesheets to inline style attributes, for maximum compatibility with E-mail clients.

net library moves stylesheets inline style

ericwooley / react-in-style

Style react components by generating a style tag for all react components in a sass-like fassion.

javascript style react components generating tag

catskull / GB303

A wavetable-based TB-303 style synthesizer for the Nintendo Gameboy.

assembly wavetable-based tb-303 style synthesizer nintendo

Gozala / channel

CSP style channel implementation, for the Channel specification

javascript csp style channel implementation specification

mikekucharski / inkd

A basic social network using WAMP style environment

php basic social network wamp style

grigoryvp / madness

In-house coding style used by me and my teams.

in-house coding style teams