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spring-projects / spring-security-oauth

Support for adding OAuth1(a) and OAuth2 features (consumer and provider) for Spring web applications.

java support adding oauth1a oauth2 features

fsprojects / Paket

A package dependency manager for .NET with support for NuGet packages and GitHub repositories.

package dependency manager net support nuget

new-xkit / support

There's also a unicode-handling bug in the URL request library, and we're storing the passwords unsalted ... so if we salt them with emoji, we can close three issues at once!

support tumblr javascript extensions

iBotPeaches / Apktool

A tool for reverse engineering Android apk files

support dev

marko-js / marko-widgets

Module to support binding of behavior to rendered UI components rendered on the server or client

javascript module support binding behavior rendered

lasso-js / lasso

Advanced JavaScript module bundler, asset pipeline and optimizer

javascript tool support optimized delivery web

scala / pickling

Fast, customizable, boilerplate-free pickling support for Scala

scala fast customizable boilerplate-free pickling support

markdown-it / markdown-it

Markdown parser, done right. 100% CommonMark support, extensions, syntax plugins & high speed

javascript markdown parser commonmark support extensions

azukiapp / azk / pt

"Instalação e configuração automatizada de ambientes de desenvolvimento" - for EN support, please check out

automatizada de ambientes desenvolvimento en support

luyadev / luya

LUYA is a scalable web framework and content management system with the goal to please developers, clients and users alike. -

yii2 luya cms modular programmatic zephir support php7

coreybutler / node-windows

Windows support for Node.JS scripts (daemons, eventlog, UAC, etc).

javascript windows support nodejs scripts daemons

EasyEngine / easyengine

Please don't use this chat for support requests. This is for coding related discussion only.

shell chat support requests coding related

Grokzen / redis-py-cluster

Release 1.3.4 is out. Python cluster client for the redis 3.0, 3.2, 4.0

python cluster client official support targeted

pksunkara / octonode

Support channel for octonode (github api library in node.js) | Unpublished v0.6.1, DO NOT USE IT!!

coffeescript support channel octonode github api

OpenCover / opencover

A code coverage tool for .NET 2 and above, support for 32 and 64 processes with both branch and sequence points; roots proudly based in PartCover

html code coverage tool net support

2factorauth / twofactorauth

List of sites with two factor auth support which includes SMS, email, phone calls, hardware, and software.

css list sites factor auth support

FastVPSEestiOu / fastnetmon

FastNetMon - high performance DoS/DDoS analyzer with sflow/mirror support

fastnetmon high performance analyzer support

smokku / pebble

Unofficial Pebble watch support for SailfishOS/Jolla

unofficial pebble watch support

Awesome-Support / Awesome-Support

WP Awesome Support is a simple yet powerful ticketing plugin for WordPress.

php wp awesome support simple powerful

GeniusesOfSymfony / NotificationBundle

Real time notification, support multi pushers (websocket, redis), PubSub

php real time notification support multi

zphalcon / support

This is repo will support anything for Phalcon PHP

repo support phalcon php

CestDiego / .emacs.d

My Emacs Configuration with support with LaTeX, Django, Matlab and hopefully Iraf.

emacs configuration support latex django matlab