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alecthegeek / CCHS_Raspian_for_IoT

Scripts and Instructions to get Raspian Linux updated with tools for Internet of Things projects

shell scripts instructions raspian linux updated

Daml / contacts contacts utility for OS X, updated for modern Xcode builds.

objective-c gnufooorg contacts utility os updated

bubble8773 / TinyTextD3D11

This repository contains an updated version of James Bird's Tiny Text rendering library. I updated this library for D3D11 and provided C# bindings that integrate seamlessly with SlimDX. The original Tiny Text rendering library can be obtained at

repository updated version james bird tiny

unfulvio / wp-currencies

Bring currency data and updated currency exchange rates into WordPress.

php bring currency data updated exchange

Peekmo / JsonPath

JsonPath with PHP updated from Stefan Goessner's implementation

php jsonpath updated stefan goessner implementation