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Repo info
eg. howl.ui.Cursor.__base.word_left
to make it not skip beginning of line
also, I'm replacing local instance_for_mode in howl.mode (by means of debug.setupvalue) to make word_pattern a config variable
it's cursed, but it works

Is there an easy way to get Buffer- or Editor-local key bindings, like in other text editors?
I'm writing a language bundle, and its key bindings can only work for a few select languages.
Right now the keymap is global, and I get error messages when I use those keys in other files.
(The bundle "hijacks" keys like delete, backspace, enter...)
Even if I only push the keymap when a specific mode is activated, the issue will still be there if I have more than one file opened.

The only ways (that I can think of) to achieve similar effect is to either

  • inspect Editor.buffer.file.extension from within the key handlers and, if not the right one, let the key event propagate further , or
  • register handlers for the *-buffer-switch and editor-*focused events, and proactively push/remove the keymap from the bindings stack.

One of these will probably get me what I want, but it looks like too much work, compared to what I've used in other editors.

I read the modes docs, and it seems like they can't help either.

So, again, is there an easier way?

Paul Cooper
Hi guys I'm having an issue getting bundles to work currently
I made 3 themes for work when i was using fedora a month ago, I'm on manjaro now and the themes simply won't appear when using alt+x + set theme
i have placed the files in in ~/.config/howl/custom_themes AND ~/.howl/bundles/custom_themes/
Damian Gaweda
@lucidmotifs_gitlab The correct path is ~/.howl/bundles/custom_themes. Make sure your bundle contains an init.moon file where you register your themes.
Paul Cooper
just in case anyone is curious, the problem I mentioned above can be caused by using a Flatpak version of Howl and then having bundles in both ~/.config/howl/ and ~/.howl/
Ignoring /home/paul/.config/howl in favour of /home/paul/.howl
Ignoring /home/paul/.config/howl in favour of /home/paul/.howl
stack overflow
Cristian Molina
Hi! could someone help me to configure the comment command key binding?
Ctrl+/ don't work here
can't find it on describe-key command neither
Damian Gaweda
@megatux That's strange. Ctrl+/ should work by default. Try adding this to your ~/.howl/init.moon file:
bindings.push {
      ctrl_slash: 'editor-toggle-comment'
Cristian Molina
oh, that "editor:" was the thing it was missing, this works howl.bindings.push { editor: ctrl_shift_slash: 'editor-toggle-comment', ctrl_7: 'editor-toggle-comment' } ctrl_slash is not recognized
Cristian Molina
Another question: how do I configure line wrap (for current buffer or globally) ?
Cristian Molina
Found it, set line_wrapping ... :+1:
Cristian Molina
Is there any bookmark support? maybe with a plugin?
Cristian Molina
Hi again...is there a way to do multi-line edit? I think it's not possible and there is an issue #272 for this
Hello do you know a way to remove the ugly coloured rectangle that partially covers lines on some files? As instance, these rectangles covers the javascript parts of HTML files. In fact every sub-language are covered. The benefit is little for a huge visual pollution.
Sebastien Lamy
@DriNeo yes I know. Just edit your theme .moon file (like bundles/howl-themes/monokai/monokai.moon)
And set the top variable embedded_bg = background to just use the same color as the normal background :)
Michael Nijhof
Want to add syntax coloration support for .jsx files exactly the same as the built-in coloration for .js files. Quickest way to create a bundle and inherit said coloration only extended to .jsx files?
Hello i am new to Howl and i am looking for some simple examples of bundles to learn from, keep in mind that i am new to moonscript also.
Hi, i trying howl out as replacement for my nano, emacs. I like the performance so far. But i want to disable the headerline with filename. How can I remove,disable it?
Hello. I dont know if this question is already answered (I watched some previous posts): when I try to save a new file howl direct me to the root (home) directory. I am tired to move to the projects' directory (project is git-initialized). I think that current project directory is identified automatically with help of git. Is I am wrong in understanding of what a current project directory is?