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  • Jan 22 2019 23:01
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  • Dec 05 2018 02:29

    hrj on master

    fix version for scala xml (compare)

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    hrj on master

    bump dependencies (compare)

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    cflavio starred hrj/abandon
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  • Aug 18 2018 13:37
    hrj opened #154
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    hrj on master

    bumped version of scala parser … (compare)

  • Jun 08 2018 20:59
    musha68k starred hrj/abandon
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    maoabc2015 starred hrj/abandon
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    hrj on master

    Updated plugin buildinfo Signe… (compare)

  • Jun 02 2018 19:02

    hrj on master

    bumped scala and sbt versions (compare)

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  • Mar 09 2018 07:17

    hrj on master

    bump the buildinfo plugin versi… (compare)

Colin Dean
If I had a transaction like:
2017-01-01 MyLocalBar
  Income:Earnings:BarJob     -500.00 USD
  Income:Earnings:FreeDrinks   -5 drinksAtBar
  Assets:Bank:Checking        500.00 USD
  Assets:Favors                 5 drinksAtBar
then I could run balance and see that after another transaction(s) took $500 away from Assets:Bank:Checking that I still have 5 drinksAtBar in Assets:Favors
Colin Dean
This is a contrived example, but it shows the freedom to define commodities on the fly. ledger-cli does this very well: I have an informal system at work that allows me to keep track of my vacation days and personal choice holidays using ledger, wherein a day is just a commodity called "days"
I really do need to write up a public post about that.
Thanks for the explanation @colindean. I was somewhat aware of this feature from ledger, but always thought that this could be achieved using separate accounts for each type of commodity. For example, Assets:Favors:DrinksAtBar instead of just Assets:Favors.
However, now I realize that these currencies are like types, and it would be good to have type checking, so that someone doesn't accidentally transfer the drinks account into the USD account.
However, internally, these "types" can be managed as sub-accounts of the user-visible account.
Aside, for some reason, gitter is not notifying me of new messages any more. Let's move this discussion to hrj/abandon#124
Colin Dean
How would one represent credit card rewards dollars as cash back, e.g. statement credit or a check? It's that season for we Costco members.
I thought about making it be something like Income:CreditCardX:Cashback
but then it'll muck with my income tally
if I've put $100 onto the credit card account
I guess it could be just another transaction, since it's not technically with a payment or something else
@colindean Incidentally, I am having some cashbacks beginning this year. I haven't thought much about how to account for it.. but does "negative expense" make sense?
That is, you account it as a reduction in expenditure (like a discount), rather than an increase in income.
A more tedious, but perhaps correct way, is to mark the cash back as receivable for every individual expense transaction. And then move the amount from Asset:Receivable to Asset:Bankwhen the cashback is processed.
Colin Dean
I thought about marking it as equity:
2017-02-11 AMEX Cash back credit
  Liabilities:CreditCard:AmericanExpress  225.00
@colindean Makes sense too. I guess you would need to fold the Equity:Cashback account at the end of the accounting year.
@/all New release 0.4.0 is out: https://github.com/hrj/abandon/releases/tag/v0.4.0
Thanks to all contributors!
Juan Luna
hi @hrj how do I use abandon as a library?
@jgluna Sorry for the late response. There is no documented API for abandon. The jars are published on maven, but beyond that I haven't really made the libraries easier to use.
Ng Wei Shyang
Hi, I would like to contribute to this project, are there contributor guide for the practice that should follow and whr can I find wht is being developing and what is plan to develop?
@gaara4896 Hi. You are welcome to contribute. Unfortunately, the project is not in active development, and we don't have much in the form of guides.
You can look at the issues and milestones for a rough plan. Issues marked with the "low-hanging-fruit" label should provide an easy entry into the project.
If you pick up something, let us know here, and I will try my best to respond back.
Ng Wei Shyang
@hrj I see, thanks. I looking for a open source project that are in active development to sharpen my programming skills. The guide that I mean is as in like the workflow practice for the project.
@/all Managed to release https://github.com/hrj/abandon-reports today. Let me know if you find it useful.
Added a new type of report called "flow report" and released version 1.0: https://github.com/hrj/abandon-reports/releases/tag/v1.0
@/all Important announcement. Abandon Reports 1.0 had a bug. Please use version 1.1 instead https://github.com/hrj/abandon-reports/releases/tag/v1.1