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Aug 2015
Amiri Barksdale
Aug 07 2015 03:42
What does it mean in the docs when it says "Don't forget to provide the necessary format class instances"? I am trying to put together a tiny akka app that does "entity(as[CreateUser])", and keep getting ye olde "could not find implicit value for parameter um: akka.http.scaladsl.unmarshalling.FromRequestUnmarshaller[esakkacqrs.Domain.Commands.CreateUser].". Here's the code:
Heiko Seeberger
Aug 07 2015 04:49
@amiri, you probably need an implicit ExecutionContext. Take a look at the “official” example at
Amiri Barksdale
Aug 07 2015 16:55
Thanks, @hseeberger. It looks like I had misadapted the official example.