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Nov 2016
Henrik Larsson
Nov 21 2016 05:22
Yes i have, i put a question here that shows what im trying to do:
Heiko Seeberger
Nov 21 2016 08:29
Just publishing 1.11.0-M3 with Scala 2.12 support for all libs except for Play which is still not available for Scala 2.12.
Rikard Andersson
Nov 21 2016 12:21
@hseeberger Hi. First of all, thanks for this lib.
Second, json4s 3.5.0 seems to be built for scala 2.12. Any reason it's not published as akka-http-json4s_2.12 ?
Heiko Seeberger
Nov 21 2016 17:33
@rikardNL Thanks for reporting. I screwed up publishing ;-)