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Michael Taylor
Huei Tan
You are using undefined validator "email"
how to fix it?
Steven S.
Hi guys, I'm new using angular-validator
how can I validate password and confirm password
  1. I'm getting the "it's required" message even when I have typed the password...
  2. Password and confirm password validations? How to implement that? Any plunker available to check this?
Steven S.
@scottadamsmith did you figure the "The maximum allowable length is %param%" ?
Steven S.

You could use something like:

minlength-error-message="The minimum allowable length is 5" maxlength-error-message="The maximum allowable length is 10"

Aaron Chen
Hi everyone, I am new using the angular-validator. and now I am using webpack to build my app and using require('module') to require the library. I am not sure whether I can use angular-validator in this way?
after I use npm install angular-validator —save to install it
var test = require('angular-validation')
seems not work
Huei Tan
note, angular-validator and angular-validation are both different libraries.
@steven-github @aaronisme
Juan Manuel Filandini
does anybody knows how to validate in fields in pairs inside a form?
i mean check that if i have certain value in a field, i cant use certain value in the other
using angular-validation?
Huei Tan
I'm not understand what's the meaning of "in fields in paris inside a form", do you mind open an issue to explain your question?
Anybody here?
Hmm strange.. Why doesn't this work?
<input type="text" id="zipcode" class="form-control" name="zipcode"
                                       data-validator="zipcode" data-ng-model="identity.zipcode"
                                       valid-callback='error("Jayy valid");'/>
And i mean the callback doesn't work. Sorry i was rather vage
how can i download
Olof Fredriksson
Hello! There is an example in the README how to get the invalid message for a specific input field (https://github.com/huei90/angular-validation/blob/master/API.md#custom-errorsuccess-message-function) , but how do i recieve it when a global invalid is defined in the config phase?
Hi. When to use validation-submit on a submit-button?
I get this error: This is not a regular Form name scope
TypeError: b.validate(...).success is not a function
The button is outside the form of a reason.
hey @jejja yeah just came up against the same issue, no joy in resolving though :(
also @huei90 any reason why validate-submit would be blocking ng-submit?

@poppahorse I think that it will not trigger any ng-click or ng-submit until its all valid. I dont use that. I use in stead the


In the controller.

And by the way. I solved the issue above. The problem was that for some reason it was not a HTML-form I tried to validate.
yeah it tries to grab the scope based on the formName
and kinda resolved my issue now by putting ng-submit="form.checkValid(formName) && form.submit(formName)" and same on ng-click on the button
Johnny Gonçalves de Santana
Hello! Anyone knows how to use !form.checkValid() ? I'm trying to disable a button, but it's always returning true
Also I was trying to inject $validationProvider on my controller and I was getting an unknown provider error. A little strange cuz I was able to use it inside .config
Arryon Tijsma
Hi, does anyone know how to import this module with Webpack? the regular const validator = require('angular-validation'); method doesn't work
Arryon Tijsma
It only seems to work if I define 'validation.rule' as my own component as such (ES6):
import 'angular-validation';
export defaults angular.module('validation.rule', ['validation'])
  .config(['$validationProvider', function($validationProvider) {
    // ruleset from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/huei90/angular-validation/master/dist/angular-validation-rule.js
And them import it in app.js as
import validation from 'components/validation/validation.component';
angular.module('app', [
I am trying to use this validation with this boilerplate so far no luck
anyone what I am doing wrong the gulp task just say that
[13:47:52] Browser platform and plugins injected!
[13:47:52] Rebundling...
[13:47:53] gulp-notify: [Compile Error] Cannot find module 'angular-validate'

This is how I am including it
import angular from 'angular';

// angular modules
import constants from './constants';
import onConfig from './on_config';
import onRun from './on_run';
import 'angular-ui-router';
import './templates';
import './filters';
import './controllers';
import './services';
import './directives';

import 'ng-cordova';
import 'angular-validate';
import angularSpinner from 'angular-spinner';

// create and bootstrap application
const requires = [

// mount on window for testing
window.app = angular.module('app', requires);

angular.module('app').constant('AppSettings', constants);



angular.bootstrap(document, ['app'], {
strictDi: true

S Vinesh
Is there some way to do password match validation with retype password and password fields with this plugin?
@steven-github I need the same thing you asked for. Have you done that ?