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Repo info
    Hi! Hope this room will work for talk about vestigo router.
    hey there, i have some time now if you want to chat
    @axdg : ^^
    Francesc Gil
    Hi all!
    Francesc Gil
    Hi @husobee, looking at your last post: https://husobee.github.io/golang/fasthttp/2016/06/23/golang-fasthttp.html is there any plan to migrate Vestigo to fasthttp? :smile:
    John Rinehart
    I'm not sure how active this channel is.
    If I don't get an answer, from @husobee , then I'll just make in issue on husobee/vestigo.
    How do I make a path that matches literally EVERYTHING.
    I want a fall-through GET route that is served if no other GET route matches.
    Daniel Wilkins
    Well, no responses in half a year
    May as well toss something out though
    Does vestigo support multiple parameters in a path? And if so, what's the syntax? Just :foo:bar or something else?
    @tekktonic Late answer: Yes that works. /:foo/:bar will get you the params "foo" and "bar" on vestigo.Params