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Christophe Scholly
It's not fluid like the original one :(
@chrisscholly are you using some type of proxy or connecting from the original IP?
Christophe Scholly
@HAlexTM nope, nothing. I've also tested locally and the result is the same. It's ok but not totally fluid like the original agar.io
Every person I've talked about the game and who tested has had the same issue
Christophe Scholly
I guess it comes from the fact that the "current" player is treated as a "classic" player: his coordinates come from the server instead they should only be sent to the server. In other words, the "current" player should not have to wait the server coordinates before updating his position.
Christophe Scholly
@HAlexTM does it make sense :p ?
Is here anyone?
How would I display everyone's mass on the leaderboard?
where can i download the clone?
Can somebody assist me troubleshooting a npm install problem with agario-clone?
Im getting a eror
Its saying something about Gulp Run
Fixed it
Joseph Williamson
Hey everyone so I implemented database features I do need some help with creating an instance so when server is opened for the very first time it creates all table necessary to run and save user data
hello all, I have a question, how do you add skins(images) inside a circle? like 'doge' or 'earth' etc..
Recep Selim Ağırman
TypeError: Cannot read property 'mass' of undefined
Can anyone help? I'm seeming to have an error when using gulp run
Something about the log number but I can't seem to figure out how to fix this issue
Tarek R. Al-Awar

Hello! I am working on a project and I have a question about the code.

File: server.js
In the collisionCheck() there is this line: var otherUsers = tree.get(currentPlayer, check);
I searched the repository and that is the only occurrence of the otherUsers variable. If your delete it consuming other players no longer works. Can someone explains how this variable is used?

Hi, i published game on windows server using iis 8.5 ( www.targ.io) . it seems that websockets works only when using internet explorer and game works fine there, but if i use chrome or firefox game freezes a lot and sends connection non stop if you look at networking developer tools. it seems like websockets not working for chrome or firefox. how to fix this, can anybody please help me . i am stuck in this fore days
Đinh Duy Nhất
I have problems with bar-exp level. it does not update make the exp exp bar from 0 to 50. it f5 site and does 50. sr :)) i'm not good english :P
Vietnamese : anh Huy ơi, giúp em. em làm cái Thanh exp cho game, nhưng nó không chạy từ từ. mà nó lên thôi chứ không chạy từ từ @@~
do you know da wae
hi gays
how are ?
Im have ?EIO=3&transport=polling&t=MYzOoz2
Im have a problem ?EIO=3&transport=polling&t=MYzOoz2
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Fs unlimited
ugandan knuckles is dead mem Eytlin

do you know da wae


@bitrate16 normy meme
how do you get in the project?
just asking
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Fs unlimited
I like agario
Welcome all
John Lawlor
Please can someone direct me to the line of code that makes the player bigger when they eat i am so curious how that works and lukemaster on roblox who used your game as source wont answer messages. Im sure a simple for loop could make a player bigger but they have to cover a certain percentage of the food in order to eat it first. I want to make a game with my little girl please help if you can
Joseph Williamson

Been quite a long time since I was involved in this project. By this time the source code most be very dated.

Anyone who is still interested in the development of this drop a +1 if enough are interested I will build a development plan and start organizing a rebuild of this