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Alex Barbosa
"PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Hybrid_Exception: You cannot access this page directly."
Hi all
having problems using the algorithm from example 07 (multiple providers), unable to login facebook
Bertrand Gorge

Hello all, I'm trying to migrate a project from HybridAuth 2.xx to 3.00, and I'm facing an issue with the following call to "Hybrid_Endpoint":

    require_once( "Hybrid/Auth.php" );
    require_once( "Hybrid/Endpoint.php" );

I haven't seen that too much in the 2.xx documentation, but it appears quite a lot in many examples on the web, as well as in the code I try to migrate.

Apparently, in my code, there's either a login or process (the first calls authenticate(...) and the second process(...)
Should I just comment that part ? Not clear from the migration guide!
Thanks for any help !
Bertrand Gorge
^^ Fixed - thanks !

Hi I added hybridauth to my library folder and included it like this:
//Include Hybridauth's basic autoloader
include APPPATH.'libraries/hybridauth/src/autoload.php';

//Import Hybridauth's namespace
use Hybridauth\Hybridauth;

but when I create an object of hybridauth class like this:
$hybridauth = new Hybridauth\Hybridauth($config);
its throwing an error
Class 'Hybridauth\Hybridauth\Hybridauth' not found
hi anyone here
can help me with this issue
@ApacheEx ?
Pavel Nikolov
Hi all, have strange question, which I can not find answer for. We are developing mobile app with API beckend. For the web version we are depending on HybridAuth. We want to use it for mobile too, but only for fetching user data for already generated access token. The mobile app will generate the access token and will provide it to the API for obtaining user information. Is this possible with the current implementation? What we've tested is: if we extend the Provider class and store the access token manually, intitialize the provider, we can obtain the data. But this is with 'hacks' and overwriting your protected methods. Is there any better solution for this?
1 reply
$providerAdapter->storeData('access_token', '');
$profile = (array)$providerAdapter->getUserProfile();
Hello @ApacheEx ! Thank you for really cool project! We have one issue with installing library with composer. Please look at this file https://github.com/hybridauth/hybridauth/blob/3.2.0/src/Provider/Instagram.php in version 3.2 it is different with master https://github.com/hybridauth/hybridauth/blob/master/src/Provider/Instagram.php it is really strange. could you please upgrade version and include insta fix into package? Thanks!

Hi, I have small test for social login using Hybridauth. Its working with Google, Github, Twitter, LinkedIn, but not with Facebook. Any idea why not? This is my code:
include 'hybridauth/src/autoload.php';

$callback = "https://$_SERVER[HTTP_HOST]" . strtok($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"], '?'); // callback to this script
$config = ['callback' => $callback, 'keys' => ['id' => 'xxxxxxx', 'secret' => 'xxxxxxxxxxx' ],];
$provider = new Hybridauth\Provider\Facebook($config);

$provider -> authenticate();
$userProfile = $provider -> getUserProfile();
$provider -> disconnect();
echo "<pre>" . print_r($userProfile, true) . "</pre>";

CJ Ratliff
Having an issue with "The authorization state of this page is either invalid or already has been consumed." using the new Apple provider. Have confirmed all configuration is correct and time on the server is set appropriately. What else can cause this issue?
Nkamwa Marcel
Greetings, I am having a little challenge with Hybridauth V3.5 We are currently using three providers for an in-house app (still under development) and everything seems to work just fine but we also wish to take advantage of Twitter's API V.2 early access data like "timeline_mentions and hashtags". How do I go about it knowing fully well that the data we are currently pulling with the userProfile() and getUserActivity() methods doesn't include this information in the user object?
Hi, all
I am going to implement social login with hybridauth package.
I need google and facebook login.
I am running the web app on my localhost.
but I am getting an error when authenticate on google
Nkamwa Marcel
@ProfessionalDeveloper12 make sure your callback URl within the app is thesame as that of the Callback URL you entered on the google console
Daniel Lara
Does anyone have an example online of some login with Gmail (google)?
Has anyone used it with cakephp 3?
GitHub: Deprecating API authentication through query parameters
Is this resolved in new version

@all I have faved one issue with hybridauth version 2.14.0 after installed social media login/signup extension from mageplaza.
The Error I have faced:
2 exception(s):
Exception #0 (Hybrid_Exception): Endpoint: Error while trying to init Hybrid_Auth: You cannot access this page directly.
Exception #1 (Hybrid_Exception): You cannot access this page directly.

Exception #0 (Hybrid_Exception): Endpoint: Error while trying to init Hybrid_Auth: You cannot access this page directly.

<pre>#1 Hybrid_Endpoint->processAuthStart() called at [vendor/hybridauth/hybridauth/hybridauth/Hybrid/Endpoint.php:51]

#2 Hybrid_Endpoint->__construct() called at [vendor/hybridauth/hybridauth/hybridauth/Hybrid/Endpoint.php:72]

Hi! Do we support apple signin? Is there a documentation about apple?

In Mobile, hybridauth ask to open with App or Continue with browser.

How can we disable open with native app option in mobile site?

Zahid Shaikh
good to be back
Asif Agaria
codeigniter with database ??
Hi all - has anybody tried to use hybridauth with AWS Cognito? Thanks in advance
Hi , is any one using keyclock provider ? i have some questions
Youtheman1221 gaming YT
Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone knows the redirect url for twitch.tv hybridauth v3? The v2 one doesn't seem to work.
HybridAuth telegram authorization Issue with standard script Telegram keeps asking for authorization "Required data not provided"
Hi guys !
How to use hybridauth in REST ?
Before it have in function authenticate paremeter for redirect or receive auth URL now it redirect and not asking anything