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    Olivier D.
    howdy guys
    has anybody used Sync to synchronise a local core data DB with a central DB on a server ?
    say you have an iOS app deployed, collecting a list of items
    the idea is to have a server collecting all these items in a central DB (+an unique id for each device)
    odeckmyn @odeckmyn is feeling alone :)
    Olivier D.
    anybody out there ??
    Christoffer Artmann
    Christoffer Artmann
    I'm trying out Sync, does any one have a minute to give me a helping hand?
    Hi I need to some help in terms of Saving. I have some field in my coredata model that are not part of my json response. I need to take a value from my json response and fill it into the actual field. An example would be I receive a date in string format and I need to convert into NSdate and save both String and date values into there field.
    Elvis Nuñez
    Raghvendra Srivastava
    hi just start using
    Sync with almofire but app crashing
    Showing exception invalid keypath passed to setproperties to fetch
    Any help
    Preeti Sharma
    This message was deleted