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Repo info
    Alan C. Alves
    hi, i've installed a lcd 3.5" on my pi, how can i get it to work into hypriot? i'm running tha latest version =)
    screen model is xpt2046
    sorry, typo
    Alan C. Alves
    nevermind, i just did, LCD-show on github was the easy way to go. seeya all =)
    Augustine Tabeling
    Hi all, I haven't booted it yet but I just imaged my SD for my Pi3 and now I am wondering how to tell Hypriot to connect to wifi on bootup as my setup is both headless and is WiFi only. Would this be what I'm looking for? https://github.com/hypriot/device-init
    Oh it looks like this is what I need: https://github.com/hypriot/flash/tree/master/sample
    Augustine Tabeling
    do i need to un-comment the areas I want to use in user-data?
    can anyone help to get /dev/vhciq on fresh install?
    Jesus G.P. ☠
    Somebody knows how to change hostname, by ssh commands?
    To reply to myself, if anyone has the same problem, solved it by going to the older version
    Wesley Viana
    Hi there. I know it maybe the most frequent question ever. But, is there some way to replace on the fly de Dockerfile line where it says the from Alpine to use hypriot Alpine ?
    im having issues getting my hypriot cloud-config to auth with a private registry.. i've written the file manually but still cannot get docker to login properly.. anyone have success with private registries?
    Thomas Page

    Just installed Version 1.11.4 I'm getting:

    WARNING: No swap limit support
    WARNING: No cpu cfs quota support
    WARNING: No cpu cfs period support

    when doing docker info

    Is that expected?
    Ross Beazley
    @remlabm_gitlab is it this? https://docs.docker.com/registry/insecure/
    ie http rather than https
    Just recovering a small RaspPi cluster running image v.1.1.3 (yes it's been a while) is there a way to upgrade these live rather than taking everything apart and finding tools to re-flash the SSD's?
    Wesley Viana
    Hi there.
    Do you have experiences with RockPi ?
    I just flashed hypriotos-rpi-v1.11.4 and am having trouble changing the hostname post install. Every time the machine is rebooted, it reverts to black-perl. Is there any details on where I need to update to change the hostname permanently? thanks in advance
    Following the steps in https://www.gitmemory.com/rjelbert seems to have worked
    Change: /etc/hosts /etc/hostname /etc/hostname/etc/cloud/cloud.cfg ... where you set 'preserve_hostname: true' ...then reboot
    Jesus G.P. ☠
    Also edit user-data file before plugin the SD card solve the problem
    Is there any reason, why e.g. the hypriot/rpi-busybox-httpd image is tagged with linux/amd64 instead of arm? https://hub.docker.com/r/hypriot/rpi-busybox-httpd/tags
    Number Format
    Do docker containers which are in the running state come back up after reboot? I am having problems with this. It works fine in Docker on windows 10.
    You have to have a --restart argument, see https://docs.docker.com/config/containers/start-containers-automatically/ for details
    Number Format
    Thanks, I actually also needed docker-compose and saw I can pass in the -d parameter with the "restart: unless-stopped" in the docker-compose.yml. So everything worked out in the end.
    James Baxter
    @volleynerd network configuration doesn't work natively in the flash command. There is a --file argument which will allow you to copy one file into the image, so I've resorted to packaging up network configuration into a tar
    The next problem you'll get is your clock being out of sync (if you try to do a package update), so I have wrapper for the flash command which uses a template user-data and sed's it with the current date time. Here's the section of the user-data which extracts the network config and sets the time:
    # Commands to run before networking comes up (note argument 3 is a label)
      - [ cloud-init-per, once, deployconfig, tar, zxmf, /boot/config.tgz ]
      - [ cloud-init-per, once, daemonreload, systemctl, daemon-reload ]
      - [ cloud-init-per, once, setdate, date, -s, "CURRENT_DATETIME" ]
    @nicos68 your package update is probably failing for the same reason - no network and/or wrong time
    Victor Biederbeck
    What's up with the Pine a64? I'd love to pick up wherever someone else left off.
    hey all, i've just learned about Hypriot from Appendix A of the book "Kubernetes: Up and Running".
    it looks like a good thing to explore because I currently have a 5-node Orange Pi +2E cluster and I want to explore options for managing containers and jobs. but I haven't seen any mention of support for any OPi.
    does anybody here have any experience with running Hypriot on an OPi?
    Asterion Daedalus
    I don't seem to be able to "see" my USB ports. I am expecting USB0..3 under /dev (since the PI3B+ has 4 USB ports). BUT, none show up either as USBx or ttyUSBx. When I run lsusb I "see" four usb devices. Is there some config trick I am missing please?
    Victor Biederbeck
    So uh I went to update a dockerfile for hypriot, but the DNS record for the registry expired

    This repo: https://github.com/hypriot/dockerfiles references that record. So when I go to build the image myself, it fails here:

    Pull base image

    FROM registry.hypriot.com/rpi-dockerize

    @Bazmundi you probably need to —device /dev/usb..
    Ross Beazley
    is anyone
    A) running k8s on their pis
    B) sucsefully upgraded from v1.10.13 to v1.11.10
    Stefan Scherer
    @ullbeking The description in the Kubernetes book is a little outdated, Hypriot itself moved from device-init to cloud-init. I don't know if Hypriot runs on OPi directly. There might be better blog posts how to setup kubernetes on ARM devices, but I don't have any links as I haven't tried it yet.
    @jamesbiederbeck These Dockerfiles are quite outdated, 4-5 years old. You can use it in your own repos and adjust it. A lot has changed since then, many official images have ARM support, so no need to build everything manually as we had to do at that time.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction to mount a cifs share with hypriot? Im having 0 success
    @barbz127 I think you can mount with nautilus
    Ignore nautilus, I don't know why it's published (I just switch tab in my browser)
    sudo mount -t cifs -o username=utilisateur_ubuntu,rw,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 //ip/source /media/share
    Anyone know where can I pull a docker image with the last version of raspbian (debian 10 buster)? Because I have to build my own images... the base raspbian/stretch on Hub is obsolete
    Hi, I have a Hifiberry Miniamp on my Raspi, and try to get sound activated under hypriot (1.11.5) using 'dtoverlay=hifiberry-dac', but 'aplay -l' is only giving me 'no soundcards found...', so I wonder if there's anything in the hypriot kernel that's preventing the DAC overlay to load.
    do you think that should work?