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Jul 2015
Edward Vielmetti
Jul 13 2015 00:59
I want to make a VPN on my Pi so that I can connect into it even though it's behind a firewall. Suggestions?
Mathias Renner
Jul 13 2015 17:06

@vielmetti: We will soon release ab blog post about how to access a Pi from the Internet. At one point, your question is covered with some suggetions. An excerpt in advance:
[...] If you sit behind a firewall, you need to use solutions that implement the so called hole punching technique( In this case, you may wait for the blog post covering that at some day in the future :-) If you are curious, have a look at ngrok (, localtunnel ( or pagekite (, and ping us if you need help to set them up!

Take in consideration to setup a VPN through port 53 (DNS) which is often not blocked by firewalls!
And of course, in case you have access to your router, port forwarding rules are to be defined.

Edward Vielmetti
Jul 13 2015 21:00
Thanks @MathiasRenner all of these sound considerably easier than the OpenVPN systems that I had previously gotten running (but despaired of all of its complexity).