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Jul 2015
Edward Vielmetti
Jul 14 2015 06:06
Thanks also for the get-started-quick package for Hugo. I have been learning more about the system and like very much how incredibly quick it is to build a whole site.
Thomas Parisot
Jul 14 2015 11:03
Hello there :-) I have had a look at your work recently but just wanted to be sure: can be applied to a Pi2 as well? I'd eventually use a simple plain Wheezy + your Docker deb package to install Docker on a Pi
Govinda Fichtner
Jul 14 2015 11:12
@oncletom: Our image works for pi 1 & 2. Only installing Docker on a plain Wheezy might not work because you need a appropriate kernel and some additional packages.
Thomas Parisot
Jul 14 2015 11:32
Thanks @Govinda-Fichtner :-) I understood some modules (like OverlayFS) needs to be included – was not sure if the first '4 steps' link applied to Pi2/armv7 devices as well (as it states armv7). I don't know much about CPU arch to figure out how it would affect raspbian/kernel compiling.