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Jul 2015
Jul 24 2015 09:22
@dsampson55 docker under pi can only run ARM images. So search for images with rpi or raspbian or arm and try them.
Mark Sta Ana
Jul 24 2015 11:11
181 containers on the pi1, noticed i could creep up to (from 160) 181 if fired up webservers at 5 time rather than try to ramp up to 180. must be the start-server script having to store the counter and port values
Mark Sta Ana
Jul 24 2015 13:58
185, wondering if i can create script that just launches each webserver rather than calcing the portno and container name
put some sleeps in so memory management kicks in occassionally
Jul 24 2015 22:41
@MathiasRenner, yes I've seen it. Thx, and sorry for asking in two places at the same time!