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Feb 2016
Feb 12 2016 12:24
Hi there. This is a rather basic question (sorry if it is too obvious).
Is there an objection to build and run a container that uses local resources on the GPIO for example (LEDs or sensors) ? I would expect to have to install the necessary drivers on the host.
Feb 12 2016 12:44
Is there a trick to flash a new SD while seated in the Pi ? Sounds like changing the wheels of a driving car. But I have already seen so many miracles with computers. I wonder....
Dieter Reuter
Feb 12 2016 13:45
@jmMeessen for using GPIO pins on the Pi just follow this basic tutorial It works great with the latest SD card versions, I just tested it on the new HypriotOS last weekend.
Changing SD card on the fly in a running Pi will not work, it crashes the system immediately!
Feb 12 2016 16:35
so, i have my shield running hypriotos
it doesnt look like it cones with docker
any tips?
Feb 12 2016 17:17
actually, it looks like docker isnt in jessie for arm64, same for go
Dieter Reuter
Feb 12 2016 18:34
@gnormandin you're right. Today we just have the basic RootFS working on the ShieldTV. Go and Docker has to be compiled first, but the Kernel has already the required settings for running Docker.
@gnormandin for installing Go on the ShieldTV you can use this tutorial Fast forward and read the last lines, here you can install Go with a few commands only from
Mathias Renner
Feb 12 2016 22:35
Hi everyone! For all people from our area in Germany, details for our upcoming Docker Meetups are available!
Uli Middelberg
Feb 12 2016 23:37
@gnormandin You can run Docker perfectly out of the box in jessie/arm64, hypriot/image-builder-odroid-c2#1
Some dependencies need to be resolved manually with aptitude (aptitude proposes to install more recent packages coming from testing, etc.)
And docker installs without any hassle on Archlinux ARM64.
Feb 12 2016 23:41
Hi there, anyone could give me some insights on how to remove the login prompt on boot sequence?
I basically need to start the pi without the to manually log in