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Feb 2016
Robert Brown
Feb 16 2016 08:31
Hey Hypriot folks, I'm seeing a ton of consul debug messages in /var/log/daemon.log with "Potential blocking operation. Last command took Xms". Looks like this was rolled as a debug message in consul here: hashicorp/serf#102
You may want to consider changing the config to exclude those notices, especially for those of us using the original Pi which is a bit slower to run the stack. Thx!
Stefan Scherer
Feb 16 2016 17:01
@almereyda it's the same place /boot/config.txt
jon r
Feb 16 2016 23:34
@StefanScherer Thanks. I've also created it, but supposedly the HDMI-VGA Adapter used is proprietary for a Sony VAIO notebook and not generalizably usable.