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Feb 2016
Feb 23 2016 05:16
Anyone have methods for getting this to work on other arm 32 bit boards like the new C.H.I.P. from NextThingCo?
Uli Middelberg
Feb 23 2016 10:38
@michaeldye You may compile a Linux mainline kernel on the xu4 which supports Docker via overlayfs (instead of aufs),
Uli Middelberg
Feb 23 2016 10:44
@magaretha42 You may take a look here,,-running,-using-docker-on-armhf-%28ARMv7%29-devices
I'm not very familiar with C.H.I.P, but is seems as they are using Debian on top of a Linux 4.x kernel which is a good starting point. Check the kernel compatibility with and include hypriot's Debian repository for Docker.
Feb 23 2016 13:03
@MathiasRenner many thanks for providing the bugfix for the hypriot cluster image!
Feb 23 2016 16:37
is the source for hypriot kernel available? i'm looking to build extra module support in the kernel but want to keep the docker support
Dieter Reuter
Feb 23 2016 19:09
@jpl-mac the kernel source and builder can be found at
Feb 23 2016 20:00
thanks @DieterReuter
Xavier LaRue
Feb 23 2016 20:00
Hi y'all!
I'm currently searching out if there is a way to port the HypriotOS to Intel Edison