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Feb 2016
Dieter Reuter
Feb 29 2016 07:21
@gnormandin the latest work on the ShieldTV can be found at Please feel free to clone, improve it and build a new image, and file some issues or better PR's. Right now I'm waiting for a better kernel support from NVIDIA, they are already working on an improved version of Linux4Tegra - but I guess this will take some time...
Feb 29 2016 14:22
@DieterReuter is this L4T version still for the Jetson X1 board?
@DieterReuter I also see that the kernel left out support for swap... looks like I'm going to need to stop being lazy to get this running as a reliable low power Plex Mediaserver
and docker, eventually
Feb 29 2016 14:30
@DieterReuter also noticed you replied a while back about docker, thanks... I'll check those links out
Feb 29 2016 18:20
@Adirelle @djmaze Thanks for the suggestion! Will try them out..