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Jun 2016
Jun 01 2016 06:48 UTC
@MathiasRenner Is there a way to upgrade from 0.7beta to 0.8 without the need for a complete new install of HypriotOS?
Sander Cornelissen
Jun 01 2016 07:14 UTC
@richtong Good to know. I thought the same kind of VM (where the containers run) was used on Mac (but off course not in Hyper-V), but there seems to be a big difference between Windows and Mac. Currently I had a (I thought) big build on Windows, which worked (only the scripts were dos-scripts, I used dos2unix in the Dockerfile to fix it). But maybe my build is not big enough to hit the issues.
Govinda Fichtner
Jun 01 2016 07:19 UTC
@ufud-org There is no official upgrade path besides reflashing the SD card. Still you can try to install the individual deb package we use for the 0.8 release from our Schatzkiste repository. This includes kernel packages, firmware, docker, etc. In the end you might miss some glue code that we have in the official release...
Jun 01 2016 07:30 UTC
@Govinda-Fichtner Ah, I see. Thanks for the quick reply! :)
Jun 01 2016 10:50 UTC
How do you connect your wifi dongle from the shell on Hypriot Docker? I tried sudo nano /boot/occidentalis.txt and saved my info, but I'm not sure if it's connected.
Is there a list of shell commands?
Jun 01 2016 11:02 UTC
Damien Duportal
Jun 01 2016 12:19 UTC
@MingTheMerciful Hello ! For your docker upgrade with apt-get error,
Rich Tong
Jun 01 2016 14:54 UTC
@Govinda-Fichtner I was wondering if you were going to merge your work into the docker project itself. Making docker work on arm seems like something that should be in the mainline project
Jun 01 2016 17:11 UTC
Just wanted to say 'thank you' for HypriotOS / docker on arm. Great stuff, on a Pi3!