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Dec 2016
Dec 10 2016 07:24
Anyone able to help me out with pushing a livestream from raspi3 using datarhei restreamer? Running into a few problems...
Dec 10 2016 07:38
Valentin Vieriu
Dec 10 2016 17:47
Hi @all
I'm finding very hard to use docker-machine with hypriot
it almost works, connects to the pi, generates ssh keys and so on
and then fails at the end : Error creating machine: Error running provisioning: Unable to verify the Docker daemon is listening: Maximum number of retries (10) exceeded
trying to fix this for almost a day, and no idea what's the problem
any idea is welcomed
Ryan Schlesinger
Dec 10 2016 20:14
anybody know how to get hypriot to continue attempting dhcp on boot?
on power failure the dhcp server isn't up yet
ryansch @ryansch should probably just use a static ip
Kevin Corbin
Dec 10 2016 21:41
Thanks for all the great work guys, I’m curious if anyone has a guide/blog about how I could use the various repos root-fs, etc to add my own software on top of the hypriot rpi image? Currently, I have to flash an SD card, install my software and then re-image the SD card. This makes an automated pipeline a bit difficult