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Dec 2016
Tanguy ⧓ Herrmann
Dec 12 2016 10:51
I tried to use it, and I faced an issue where the rootfs wasn't big enough for the new packages I wanted to install in , so I guess you should base your image on another root-fs. I didn't investigate though, since we had to deliver and had only 5pis, we just flashed a new image from a running syste
but I want to automate it too for later
Tanguy ⧓ Herrmann
Dec 12 2016 11:00
I have a question for the channel: what is the best way to add a static nameserver in hypriot?
play with avahi conf, resolvconf, /etc/network/interfaces, dhclient.conf ?
I'm on a network where the nameserver is really bad and it is set by dhcp, I wanted to use the google nameserver insstead
Dec 12 2016 11:25
the root-fs is only a tar archive with the filesystem the image size is defined in
Tanguy ⧓ Herrmann
Dec 12 2016 12:05
Yes @firecyberice , you're right, it was the raw that was limiting I think
Kevin Corbin
Dec 12 2016 16:21
@dolanor Thanks for the pointer… i had looked through that briefly, but didn’t get very far, I will reread. My goal would be to actually eliminate the need to have an actual RPI in the build pipeline, is this possible?
Tanguy ⧓ Herrmann
Dec 12 2016 16:31
I built it on my xps13 ubuntu box, it bases itself on the rootfs, and the img. It uses qemu to actually do actions in an arm emulation
Edward Plitt
Dec 12 2016 16:36
@dolanor - For a "static nameserver" wouldn't you just make entries in your /etc/hosts file?