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Dec 2016
Dec 20 2016 10:51
Guys, I'm running Hypriot as a base for Docker containers. When I want to access the GPIOs, isn't it sufficient to start the container with --cap-add SYS_RAWIO --device /dev/mem?
I also did try --privileged. Same outcome...
Dec 20 2016 15:00
Running HypriotOS with a 10-node rpi3 cluster. Other (non-hypriot) hosts are able to resolve the hostnames with <hostname>.local but the HypriotOS nodes cannot resolve any <hostname>.local hostnames. Any help?
Dec 20 2016 15:22
Example: root@r01n02:/home/pirate# avahi-resolve-host-name -v -n r01n02.local Server version: avahi 0.6.31; Host name: r01n02.local r01n02.local root@r01n02:/home/pirate# ping r01n02.local ping: unknown host r01n02.local
Dec 20 2016 15:51
I figured it out. Turns out the hypriotOS publishes Avahi/mDNS entries/hostnames just fine but it is unable to resolve them. In order to fix it, you must installed the libnss-mdns package. Then everything instantly works. I'll be filing a GitHub ticket and possible a PR. @StefanScherer