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Jun 2017
Jeff Eberl
Jun 21 2017 19:06
So, I'm trying to use docker with the c.h.i.p.
And I want to use GPIO.
I've got docker installed, and I'm running my docker container, and I previously had GPIO working on raspberry pi, thanks to (
But on the c.h.i.p. I'm getting this error: RuntimeError: Error setting up channel CSID0, maybe already exported? (gpio_export: could not open '/sys/class/gpio/export' (Read-only file system))
my docker run command-ish: docker run --cap-add SYS_RAWIO --device /dev/mem:/dev/mem chip_io
Jeff Eberl
Jun 21 2017 19:37
Huh, well, setting --privileged "fixes" it.
I'm guessing that means I'm missing some other --cap-add.
Jeff Eberl
Jun 21 2017 21:12
It's on my home LAN, and it's my image that it's running, so for the moment, it's an academic problem. It would be nice to know what magic I need to make it work without privileged.