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Jan 2018
Miha Markič
Jan 07 2018 17:00
hi guys, what would be the way to build ARM containers on Windows?
Stefan Scherer
Jan 07 2018 18:10
Just use one of the official ARM images as base image. Docker 4 Windows (and Docker 4 Mac) can run ARM images, so you can build and run images and push it to Docker Hub.
FROM arm32v7/debian
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y forked-daapd
docker build -t rpi-daapd .
On a RPi you could use FROM debian as the base image is multi-arch and the RPi picks the ARM layers. But on Windows/Mac or on other Intel/AMD platforms where you want to cross-build an image for the RPi you have to choose the explicit base image.
Miha Markič
Jan 07 2018 19:06
ok, got that, thanks