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Jan 2018
Tobias Grasse
Jan 11 2018 15:17
Hi. Quick question: Does HypriotOS feature some kind of upgrade mechanism for the OS itself, which can be reliably triggered from outside or is transactional? Similar to Ubuntu Core's snap refresh. Motivation: While updating my actual application via Docker is easy, the security updates for the underlying host OS are often a hassle.
Roberto Aguilar
Jan 11 2018 16:29
I'm curious about this as well, @tobias_grasse_twitter
Is the hardware RNG in Raspberry Pi's configured to be used by default in Hypriot? And, are containers able to take advantage of the HWRNG?
Hans W. Uhlig
Jan 11 2018 16:32
easy way to check
does /dev/hwrng exist
if so does /dev/random point to it
if not then no
you can also see if lsmod | grep bcm2708-rng comes up with anything
Jan 11 2018 16:36
PRs are welcome if it is not available. Can it be activated as dt-overlay or is it a kernel option / module
Hans W. Uhlig
Jan 11 2018 16:36
the hardware support is just a kernel module
you can redirect /dev/random to it and most things will use it
Jan 11 2018 16:40
currently the easiest way to upgrade HypriotOS is to reflash the SD card which is no problem if you have your services running in containers and other config automated or in a git repo
Tito Augusto
Jan 11 2018 17:42
@StefanScherer Hello! How about a video lesson from this link, with a step by step installation of wordpress in cluster with raspberry pi?
Matias J√ľnemann
Jan 11 2018 18:57
Hi, is there way to expose the docker api for the service? before flashing the sd card?
Jan 11 2018 20:15
@UnforgivenIsAlive If hypriot shipped with 0.7.6 is there a list of what command are available. I am just getting started with hypriot and trying to build a user-data file. So far I can change the hostname, but that is about it! It won't create a second user. Just looking for some more documentation or information. Mark