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Jan 2018
Stefan Scherer
Jan 12 2018 06:25
Google for cloud-init documentation. There are docs for 0.7.7
An example for two users with SSH key are here
See the template, we use it to easily flash multiple cards for our PiCloud and just apply the hostname for each node.
Jan 12 2018 10:34
@mcheavens on you can find docs for different version. However, the oldest is 0.7.7.
Tobias Grasse
Jan 12 2018 10:57
@firecyberice Thanks for the info regarding HypriotOS upgrades. Unfortunately, my scenario involves users that might not have the technical knowledge to reflash SD cards, so I'm searching for a solution that can either be maintained remotely or does auto-upgrades as smoothly as possible (e.g. transactional rollback if something goes wrong). And BTW kudos for HypriotOS 😊
Jan 12 2018 11:06
there is a PR for a proposal fo A B updates
apt upgrade works but we have no dist-upgrade
Jan 12 2018 15:14
I have tried many items that are permitted in the docs for 0.7.7, but still struggling to get some basic things to work...Like "write_files" and "run_cmd". I would be happy to take this offline with someone that can help.