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Jan 2018
Kendall Arneaud
Jan 23 2018 02:39
@DeftWork were you able to get this working on BerryBoot
@erchache2000_twitter were you able to find anyone using it on BerryBoot
Tito Augusto
Jan 23 2018 19:31
@StefanScherer Hello! How do I modify the "viz / visualizer" port while it is already installed?
The installation port is 8080/8080, but I'm running Wordpress, which is also 8080/8080 and conflict is occurring. Thanks in advance.
David Muckle
Jan 23 2018 20:00
hey there, currently having trouble with a hypriot cluster, using k8s. it seems the nodes don't want to renew their dhcp leases. any reason for this? this is on my school's network, everything worked fine at home
Stefan Scherer
Jan 23 2018 21:09
Hi Tito, you can specify a different host port, eg with -p 8081:8080. just stop the container or service and use adifferwnt host:container port mapping.
Tito Augusto
Jan 23 2018 22:30
@StefanScherer OK thank you! I'll follow your tips.