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Jan 2018
Jan 26 2018 15:21
Ahoy there! - I've got Hypriot Kubernetes up and running and looking good. I want to be able to demo this but need to be able to change some of the K8s Controller Manager settings specifically the --node-monitor-grace-period and --pod-eviction-timeout flags. What's the right way to do this without breaking my current installation?
Matias J√ľnemann
Jan 26 2018 15:30
hey there, currently i looking for ways to monitor multiple nodes of raspberry pi running hypriotOS (is not a cluster, are separate nodes in different networks). Anyone knows a solution to this?
Jan 26 2018 18:42
hello folks, has anyone got a prebuilt Docker image of Consul somewhere, before I write my own dockerfile?
Tito Augusto
Jan 26 2018 22:54
@StefanScherer Thanks for listening. I will provide.
Another question:
Is there any game to run on this cluster of raspberry pi?