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Adrian Palmquist
has anyone else had a similar problem?
Žan Skamljič
Has anyone tried using apktool with split-apks (installed via android app bundles)? I've rebuilt and re-signed all split apks and tried to install them using "adb install-multiple", but it never completes, reason seems to be something with the native libraries
Gabriel Frangiosa
When I try to run the apktool.bat it comes up with "Error: Unable to access jarfile c:\windows\apktool.jar" Can someone please help me.
Ajinkya Kohokade
can anyone help me with apktool
i had decompiled the code, then edited smali file, then again build it, but it showing the error , surrupt package while install
why does apktool not show progress when decompiling anymore?
anyone there?
all I did was rebuild tinder and the app crashes when I launch it on nexus 6P. Logcat shows this error: "java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{com.tinder/com.tinder.activities.LoginActivity}: android.view.InflateException: Binary XML file line #4: Binary XML file line #4: Error inflating class ImageView"
still getting runtime error using 2.4.1 snapshot
well, tinder 10.4.2 can go through the dissasemble, reassemble, etc. using apktool 2.4.1 and successfully runs on phone. weird runtime error after pusing tinder 10.12.0 through apktool
Johan Vikström

Hey, so I want to add frida (need to circumvent ssl pinning in an app, following this https://koz.io/using-frida-on-android-without-root/ )
But when I've decompiled the app I can't find a lib subfolder so what I tried was to mkdir lib/ and put the frida .so in there, but when I've recompiled the app crashes I assume I don't add the .so correctly)
Worth to note is that I use the -r -f flags because otherwise I can't rebuild it

I've got no idea how to even start debugging this, I tried to use adb logcat and grep for the apk but it doesn't mention what kind of error happens.

Johan -- why are you trying to manually adding a .so?
Johan Vikström
I can do it some other way?
Johan -- why not just run the app on a rooted machine (use magisk for android)
Hey, hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I'm adding NfcNci to the system of this device without building the system from source. As such, NfcNci is signed using my own keys and fails the chain of trust. I'm looking for a tool I found not long ago on GitHub that lists sig dependencies. Does anyone know what this tool is called? I've lost the link.
(yes, it's slightly off-topic, but will be relevant later when I'm reverse engineering other system apps like ClockworkLauncher)
framework-res decompiles normall but cannot be recompiled, an suggestion ?
Pardon me if I'm kinda dumb. There's this online-based app (as in to actally run the game you need internet) that i used to be able to debug using Chrome inspect while it's running. but after an update where it demands Android 5 to run, it no longer shows in the inspect. Can the apk be modified to allow the app to run while being debugged like previously?
Is it possible to decompile, and then enable debug and recompile it?

Hi there, I'm looking a bit deeper in Apktool to understand better how resources are handled during build.
I found the ROADMAP.md file which seems to give a bit more detail on intentions.

My question is straightforward: is it possible to add a given resource to a decoded apk, reference it into smali code and then recompile it ?

Hi! I can use apktool in Windows PowerShell?
Any progress?
I wonder if anyone can shed light on this. I decompiled and recompiled an apk (myCANAL) without any changes using apktool. The recompiled apk works perfectly on androidtv OS but on android phone/ tablet it hangs on the splash screen. The original apk works on both platforms.
Hey what is the timeline for releasing the 2.4.1? Having issues with tinder version 10_7_0. Getting Android Runtime errors. And used the latest version of apktool 2.4.0
Mohammed Najeeb
How I can add more features to APKEasy tool GUI ?? is there any open source for this GUI?
Any word on the next release update?
Hello. I would like to contribute with the project. Could you point me out where is the internal work at? Especially I would like to fix the problem of uncompiled code with try ... catch structures. Thank you.

Hey Guys, i tried to decompile and compile an app with apktool and i get lots of errors like
AndroidManifest.xml:43: error: No resource identifier found for attribute 'requestLegacyExternalStorage' in package 'android'

i tried the latest jar file of apk tool. Is there any plan when the apk tool is working?

I came here for something just as similar
AndroidManifest.xml:10: error: No resource identifier found for atribute 'isSplitRequired' in package 'android'
Someone seems to have got an almost identical error and posted it to issues
dev claims having fixed it in commit c206599, which seems to have been merged into master
would building a cloned project solve the issue?
Hello,everyone,Could you tell me how to add a file to the apk with apktool
Hi, how can run apktool with maximum server resources? It work in multi-thread
sagheer ahmed

hi! i want to do coding for hayday game bot?

who can help me !

ashwani kumar
any helpguide for apktool ?
m noob here
how to add new xml file along with config file and build. currently apktoolBuild is not including network_security_config.xml
story: debug an app add network_security_config.xml file then rebuild .
thanks in advance