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(It's all handled in a python script)

from os import walk, path, chdir, system
from json import load as jload

with open('settings.json') as f:
    config = jload(f)

print("Downloading `discord.apk`....")
code = system(f'wget {config["download_url"]} -O discord.apk -o download.log')
if code != 0:
    print("Something went wrong while downloading the file, check `download.log`")
    raise SystemExit(code)
print("APK downloaded\nDecompiling APK...")
if not config['package_name']:
    system('apktool d -r discord.apk')
    print(f"Custom package name will be `{config['package_name']}`. This may take longer to decompile and build.")
    system('apktool d discord.apk')
print("\nDecompiled the apk, beginning patching process.")

# Things that need some renaming to actually work correctly should be edited and reviewed here every update
bugfixes = [
  ('res font', 'res/font'),

# Basic replacements throughout the code to replace discord routes with fosscord routes
# NOTE: Order of replacements is VERY important and will probably have to do stupid stuff to make it customisable
replacements = [
  ('https://cdn.discordapp.com', 'https://'+config['cdn_url']),
  ('https://gateway.discord.gg', 'https://'+config['gateway_url']),
  ('https://discord.com', 'https://'+config['base_url']), # discord.com to the base url of settungs.json
  ('https://discordapp.com', 'https://'+config['base_url']), # Extra change just in case discordapp is still used in the code somewhere
  ('https://discord.gg', 'https://'+config['invite_url']), # discord.gg to the invite url

if config.get('debug'):
    replacements.append(("DEBUG:Z = false", "DEBUG:Z = true")) # Enables debug if it's true in the config

# TODO: Potentially add support for patching files with .patch files?

system("mv AndroidManifest.xml ..")

def patch(folder):
    for root, _, files in walk(path.join('.', folder)):
        for file in files:
            fpath = path.join(root, file)
                with open(fpath) as f:
                    data = tmp = f.read()
                for bugfix in bugfixes:
                    data = data.replace(*bugfix)
                for replacement in replacements:
                    data = data.replace(*replacement)
                if tmp != data:
                    with open(fpath, 'w+') as f:
                    print(f"Applied patches to `{fpath}`")
            except UnicodeDecodeError:


system("mv ../AndroidManifest.xml .")

#if config['package_name']:
#   with open('AndroidManifest.xml') as f:
#        manifest = f.read()
#    manifest = manifest.replace(config['original_package_name'], config['package_name'])
#    print("Applied patches to `AndroidManifest.xml`")
print("\nFinished applying patches\n\nRecompiling APK...")
system('apktool b --use-aapt2 discord/ -o fosscord.unsigned.apk')
print("\nRecompiled APK.\nChecking if keystore exists...")
if not path.exists('keystore.jks'):
    print("\nNo keystore exists, creating one...")
    system('keytool -genkey -v -keystore keystore.jks -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000')
print("\nSigning APK...")
system('apksigner sign --ks keystore.jks --out fosscord.signed.apk fosscord.unsigned.apk')
print("\nFinished signing the APK, the APK's name is `fosscord.signed.apk`.")
apktool b --use-aapt2 discord/ -o fosscord.unsigned.apk
That's the issue it seems like, but i don't know why it happens
Most of that code went over my head unfortunately. I'm not too experienced at programming yet, but one other flag you can try maybe is --no-crunch. It apparently disables crunching of resource files (whatever that means). Beyond that, I don't think I'll be able to help you unfortunately. 😔
That's fair lol
Thanks anyway though, i appreciate you just trying to help me lol
Yeah, np comrade
You could try pinging the dev maybe
He might have the channel set to only mentions or something
I'll ping them if this still doesn't work lol
Good luck o7
They patch the discord apk on the device
I don't think they use apktool, but they just recompile the classes.dex with some changes
Yeah lol
I'll check it out
Thanks bro
Nice! Have fun and good luck!
No worries haha
Gregory Klyushnikov
ok so I don't really have anything to do, let me try to figure out why iBotPeaches/Apktool#2670 happens, these facebook apks are really something special but I want reactions on messages in my patched instagram build
Gregory Klyushnikov
actually, I found the dumbest workaround:
  • decompile with --no-res
  • extract the r/ directory from the apk manually and put it into unknown/ inside the decompiled project
  • add all the files into unknownFiles in apktool.yml
  • then it builds...
the manual steps are needed because apktool expects resources to be under res/
yes I can confirm that the resulting apk works fine and does find all its resources, still, this is suboptimal, but it'll do for "I need to patch a more modern version of instagram right now" 🤣
Hi there, is there any way to add some update module for decompiled app to make automated check for updates?
Can apktool compile android 12 apks properly? Whenever I recompile latest pixel launcher, I get parsing error. I had to replace androidmanifest.xml with original one to get apk working properly.
also I get error "Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_INTERNAL_ERROR: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-110]" when installing recompiled apk. for example apk from here -
James Welchman

Hey there - I'm a software engineer but an an android noob. I have errors with apktool and looking for some help.

After building an APK with apktool I get this error on installation: [INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-2]

The steps to reproduce are here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/69840918/how-to-pull-decompress-sign-build-and-install-apk-file-with-native-libraries