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Hello all.
My friend made an app. I was able to decompile it and when recompiling back to apk, it always shows this weird "resource not found error" https://bpa.st/TYPQ
That is the entire error. I'm using v2.6.0 of apktool installed from AUR today.
Can anyone say what's the reson for this error?
Harshit Shah
What could be the good ec2 instance type or server configuration for running apktool on production. I assume that it requires high CPU ? Or memory too ? Our workload requires continuously decompiling and compiling apps.
Wind Slightly

My friend made an app. I was able to decompile it and when recompiling back to apk, it always shows this weird "resource not found error" https://bpa.st/TYPQ

Same problem, when decompiling a big file, I notice the lib/arch/libres.so (or at least in the apk file I needed to decompile) responsible for the big size. It seems to be a replacement for obb file if I understand it correctly. Exagear (not paid, though no longer avail for purchase and is being worked on and released freely by many developers, not sure about the legality) will complain that it cant find the data needed for which previously needed to download separately as obb. I'll try to backup the data using swift backup and restore it to see if it still complains

Wind Slightly
Well that seems to fixed it
mikie cake
hello , noob from xda here. is anyone willing to mod an app for me, I would like if possible to prevent app from seeing all my google accounts just the one I use to sign up with app please. 1 other thing is if possible to make app never require update (or guess i l would lose mod )
app is called offer up , donation of $100 fair enough?
Oii pessoal.
Precisava de ajuda :(
Hi guys, need help :c
Eu queria alterar apenas as roupas de uns personagens de um jogo. Alterar apenas a textura. Alguem sabe como posso fazer isso ? Eu sei aonde fica o arquivo com a textura.
I just wanted to change the clothes of some characters in a game. Just change the texture. Does anyone know how I can do this? I know where the texture file is.
有遇到编译java 8 lambda 表达式null的吗
How to solve the problem that apktool B packaging fails and the error content contains Java 8 lambda expressions?

2022-05-18 12:51:34,473: recompileApk
2022-05-18 12:51:34,474: recompileApk "java" -jar -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m "/data1/app/onlysdk-pro/only-script/tool/linux/apktool_2.6.1.jar" -v b --use-aapt2 -f "/data1/app/onlysdk-pro/only-script/workspace/game_id-14/14002_2963/decompile" -o "/data1/app/onlysdk-pro/only-script/workspace/game_id-14/14002_2963/output.apk"
2022-05-18 12:51:35,627: *ERROR*
2022-05-18 12:51:35,627: May 18, 2022 12:51:34 PM brut.androlib.Androlib build
INFO: Using Apktool 2.6.1
May 18, 2022 12:51:34 PM brut.androlib.Androlib buildSourcesSmali
INFO: Smaling smali folder into classes.dex...

2022-05-18 12:51:35,627: workspace/game_id-14/14002_2963/decompile/smali/com/nearme/game/sdk/childrenmonitor/DataAcquisitionTool$3.smali[205,4] null
Could not smali file: com/nearme/game/sdk/childrenmonitor/DataAcquisitionTool$3.smali

2022-05-18 12:51:35,627: *
2022-05-18 12:51:35,627: error::"java" -jar -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m "/data1/app/onlysdk-pro/only-script/tool/linux/apktool_2.6.1.jar" -v b --use-aapt2 -f "/data1/app/onlysdk-pro/only-script/workspace/game_id-14/14002_2963/decompile" -o "/data1/app/onlysdk-pro/only-script/workspace/game_id-14/14002_2963/output.apk" !!!exec Fail!!!
2022-05-18 12:51:35,627: recompileApk return

How to extract the apk without decompressing the class.dex
i just want to modify some scripts within the app , if i full decompile it , i can't recompile it back
Hi community, I've managed to decompile the app written in google dart language (flutter). How do I view the .so files on the 'lib' folder?
P Naveen
Hii Good morning
I'll start the now getting the how the hacking
I've decompiled the apk, modified the AndroidManifest.xml by changing some android:screenOrientation="landscape", rebuilt, copied the apk somewhere else, decompiled again, but the change didn't stick.
The command to decompile an apk file into a smali file is apktool d 1.apk (assuming the apk file name is 1.apk) So if I have multiple apk packages, for example, 2.apk, 3.apk, etc., how can I decompile these apk files into smali files at the same time?
Nikhil Kumar Gupta
Hey, Any APKTool for Android that supports A12?