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I just wanted to change the clothes of some characters in a game. Just change the texture. Does anyone know how I can do this? I know where the texture file is.
有遇到编译java 8 lambda 表达式null的吗
How to solve the problem that apktool B packaging fails and the error content contains Java 8 lambda expressions?

2022-05-18 12:51:34,473: recompileApk
2022-05-18 12:51:34,474: recompileApk "java" -jar -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m "/data1/app/onlysdk-pro/only-script/tool/linux/apktool_2.6.1.jar" -v b --use-aapt2 -f "/data1/app/onlysdk-pro/only-script/workspace/game_id-14/14002_2963/decompile" -o "/data1/app/onlysdk-pro/only-script/workspace/game_id-14/14002_2963/output.apk"
2022-05-18 12:51:35,627: *ERROR*
2022-05-18 12:51:35,627: May 18, 2022 12:51:34 PM brut.androlib.Androlib build
INFO: Using Apktool 2.6.1
May 18, 2022 12:51:34 PM brut.androlib.Androlib buildSourcesSmali
INFO: Smaling smali folder into classes.dex...

2022-05-18 12:51:35,627: workspace/game_id-14/14002_2963/decompile/smali/com/nearme/game/sdk/childrenmonitor/DataAcquisitionTool$3.smali[205,4] null
Could not smali file: com/nearme/game/sdk/childrenmonitor/DataAcquisitionTool$3.smali

2022-05-18 12:51:35,627: *
2022-05-18 12:51:35,627: error::"java" -jar -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m "/data1/app/onlysdk-pro/only-script/tool/linux/apktool_2.6.1.jar" -v b --use-aapt2 -f "/data1/app/onlysdk-pro/only-script/workspace/game_id-14/14002_2963/decompile" -o "/data1/app/onlysdk-pro/only-script/workspace/game_id-14/14002_2963/output.apk" !!!exec Fail!!!
2022-05-18 12:51:35,627: recompileApk return

How to extract the apk without decompressing the class.dex
i just want to modify some scripts within the app , if i full decompile it , i can't recompile it back
Hi community, I've managed to decompile the app written in google dart language (flutter). How do I view the .so files on the 'lib' folder?
P Naveen
Hii Good morning
I'll start the now getting the how the hacking
I've decompiled the apk, modified the AndroidManifest.xml by changing some android:screenOrientation="landscape", rebuilt, copied the apk somewhere else, decompiled again, but the change didn't stick.
The command to decompile an apk file into a smali file is apktool d 1.apk (assuming the apk file name is 1.apk) So if I have multiple apk packages, for example, 2.apk, 3.apk, etc., how can I decompile these apk files into smali files at the same time?
Nikhil Kumar Gupta
Hey, Any APKTool for Android that supports A12?
Adil Akhmetov
Hi! How can I rename a package name?
Hey, I decompiled an apk using the -b flag and then recompiled it (without changing anything, for testing), but when I tried to install it onto my device I got the following error: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-2]
I don't know if it is my error or on apktools side
So essentially:
apktool d -b xxx.apk
apktool b xxx -o X.apk
jarsigner -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore ../my-release-key.keystore ./xxx.apk apkSignKey
zipalign -v 4 ./X.apk ./X-aligned.apk
adb install ./X-aligned.apk
adb: failed to install X-aligned.apk: Failure [INSTALL_FAILED_INVALID_APK: Failed to extract native libraries, res=-2]
Possible related: iBotPeaches/Apktool#1626
Ok I fixed it by setting ExtractNativeLibs in AndroidManifest.xml to true.
Maybe this should be hinted at in the error message/auto-corrected?
Heyo, is it possible to rename a package name with apktool?
do I just have to recursively replace all tld_old.domain_old.name_old and tld_old/domain_old/name_old with tld_new./domain_new./name_new./`?
For anyone also looking, the way i solved it was to go through all smali (and one file in res) files, and replace tld_old[./$]domain_old[./$]name_old with tld_new[./$]domain_new[./$]name_new
I am not sure if there's a better or more efficient way, but this solved it for me.
hello 👋
I am getting brut.common.BrutException: could not exec (exit code = 1): [/tmp/brut_util_Jar_17020585501327260669837144782976714355.tmp, does that ring a bell? 😅
Running apktool 2.6.1. from https://ibotpeaches.github.io/Apktool/, with java -jar apktool_2.6.1.jar b -o my-apk-out.apk my-decoded-folder
I have a BrutException error
version 2.6.1
W: D:\Projects\Stick Nodes Modding\Comparison\3.3.4\.\Stick_Nodes_Pro_base\AndroidManifest.xml:30: error: No resource identifier found for attribute 'localeConfig' in package 'android'
brut.androlib.AndrolibException: brut.common.BrutException: could not exec (exit code = 1): [C:\Users\Vince\AppData\Local\Temp\brut_util_Jar_25914003199037364759202334157175350252.tmp, p, --forced-package-id, 127, --min-sdk-version, 19, --target-sdk-version, 30, --version-code, 130, --version-name, 3.3.4, --no-version-vectors, -F, C:\Users\Vince\AppData\Local\Temp\APKTOOL9767311257095646002.tmp, -e, C:\Users\Vince\AppData\Local\Temp\APKTOOL6942340444451302228.tmp, -0, arsc, -I, C:\Users\Vince\AppData\Local\apktool\framework\1.apk, -S, D:\Projects\Stick Nodes Modding\Comparison\3.3.4\.\Stick_Nodes_Pro_base\res, -M, D:\Projects\Stick Nodes Modding\Comparison\3.3.4\.\Stick_Nodes_Pro_base\AndroidManifest.xml]
Press any key to continue . . .
I did d then b immediately after without changing anything
anyone know how to solve this?
The part that seems the most important: No resource identifier found for attribute 'localeConfig' in package 'android'
I'm guessing it means I'm missing a "localeConfig" file, but I don't know how I would restore that
well actually, it's right here:
ok wait, and here it is in the AndroidManifest.xml:
could Apktool be looking for localeConfig instead of locale_config, and that's messing it up?
that's all I can think of
I think I figured out the issue
yeah, I think that was the issue
Apktool 2.6.1 doesn't support Android API 33
so I needed to build the newest version from source
or use the -r flag to leave resources alone
but I have a new problem
it builds and installs fine, but when I open it, it's just a black screen 😔
Ayad seghairi
hello bro