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    Hadrien Croubois
    Julien Béranger
    Hello @Amxx
    Hi there, I have a question regarding iExec Worker. I'm in the public pool and I have executed 2 tasks, but both of them failed. What does the status "CANT_CONTRIBUTE_SINCE_TASK_NOT_ACTIVE" mean?
    Hi @rheinschiene, and welcome here. This bug has been fixed in latest worker version
    Eddy Lazzarin
    hello, i'm curious if iexec still uses polkadot/substrate or not
    Julien Béranger
    @eddylazzarin_twitter Hi, the documentation on PoA chains and bridges we use is available here: https://docs.iex.ec/consortiumdeployment.html, the release is planned for December 2019.
    Eddy Lazzarin
    Hi can a please get a little bit of help. I have a new Ubuntu Instance with Docker running on it.I just want to connect to the default worker pool and provide some compute services. I'm getting a bit confused about the instructions here https://docs.iex.ec/worker.html . I see that I have to edit this default template of variables with some specifics of my own. The defaults are docker run -d --name "MY_WORKER_NAME" \
    --hostname "MY_WORKER_NAME" \
    --env "IEXEC_CORE_HOST=public-pool.iex.ec" \
    --env "IEXEC_CORE_PORT=18090" \
    --env "IEXEC_WORKER_WALLET_PATH=/iexec-wallet/wallet.json" \
    -v PATH_TO_MY_WALLET_FILE:/iexec-wallet/wallet.json \
    -v /tmp/iexec-worker:/tmp/iexec-worker\
    -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \
    am I supposed to download this docker pull iexechub/iexec-worker:3.2.0 from here https://hub.docker.com/r/iexechub/iexec-worker/tags and then edit it in some way to change the varibles. If so how can I edit the docker image please?
    Once I edit, should I save it in a new image and then run in docker on my new AWS instance?
    I have not run anything in docker before so I'm learning as I go.
    @AdrianWoodward I am on the same boat let me know if you found a solution
    Hey there! I have a general question regarding accessing running iExec tasks from the outside. In my case I would like to run a webserver. What's the way to go to access it. Just get the ip of the worker using the command: curl ifconfig.me , start the server and then add :80. May you could tell how you would proceed? Do I have to deal with port forwarding? Kind regards
    Jorge Costa
    Hello all, I am interested to become a provider, but this is profitable enough ronpay the equipment?
    What I the best setup? Cpu, ram gpu?
    I didn't found any documentation about that