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    Alex Niklin
    Hey.. here you can ask any questions about IAMkeeper, also any feedback or comments are welcomed ;)
    Adam Stracener
    Hello, is https://app.iamkeeper.com/ currently down? I cannot access it. Just times out.
    Alex Niklin
    Hello Adam, the app is up and running.. please check it again.
    Andy Loughran
    hey Alex.
    Hacker Pepe
    Hello. The idea of IAMkeeper is great and many organizations can benefit from it. The problem I have with it is the fact that I have to trust IAMkeeper not to abuse the access to my AWS account. It's quite obvious that read-only access to IAM and CloudTrail can be used for malicious purposes as it reveals a lot of security-related information. In my opinion such a tool should be open-source with a possibility to deploy it in users' AWS environments. Right now it looks like free cheese in a mouse trap to me and I don't think I'm being too paranoid.
    Is this tool still available
    Trying to create a new account and when I login I see this
    Http failure response for https://api.iamkeeper.com/core/signin: 500 OK