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Nov 2014
Rachel Bookhout
Nov 08 2014 12:42
I have a friend who needs someone to create/update their current website and it's paid. This would be something short-term. If you are interested in such a side project, let me know and I can send you more information as well as how to reach out to him. Thanks!
R.J. Robinson
Nov 08 2014 14:52
How was the mixer
Andy Wong
Nov 08 2014 15:53
I didn’t go— spent some bonding time with the family
I plan on visiting Launch at different points to help people though
Spencer Dixon
Nov 08 2014 17:04
@rachelbookhout why don’t you help your friend build the site?
@rjrobinson mixer was fun! You gotta come back and visit sometime soon man
R.J. Robinson
Nov 08 2014 17:13
Sounds good let me grab a job first then I can afford to come up
Rachel Bookhout
Nov 08 2014 17:55
@SpencerCDixon I have other side projects I am working on
Carly Pulver
Nov 08 2014 20:48
Looks like a good group in the next cohort. But it was weird to walk in to MC and not recognize anyone.
R.J. Robinson
Nov 08 2014 20:51