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Apr 2016
Apr 20 2016 13:41
is there a way for a user to add/change layouts in amethyst, or do I have to compile the project by myself? I'd like to define defaults (e.g. min/max size, prefer-as-main-window) for certain apps, as well. Though amethyst already works quite okay out-of-the-box, it needs more fine-grain customizability. It'd be a bless if it could be hackable like Atom for example. Non-resizable windows are a problem as well, as they tend to switch back to a place where they're covered by or covering other windows or outside of the screen (could those be shrinked to fit in their place in the grid or at least change the row/column size they're in, or if that couldn't be, occupy a place they could fit in (like the main window?)).