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Dec 2016
Veeti Haapsamo
Dec 12 2016 08:27
Hey! Just a quick question - are there any workarounds for windows that spawn popups? I just fullscreened photoshop and when rightclicking to get the brush parameter popup Amethyst un-fullscreened and tiled the PS window. Steps to repro: open two finder windows (split into tall view), open PS, it spawns correctly as a small tile, fullscreen it, rightclick to get the brush popup, PS unfullscreens into a small tile again. Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask!
Ian Ynda-Hummel
Dec 12 2016 15:32
What do you mean by full screen? As in you maximized the window yourself? In that case it sounds like you moved and resized the window, and then when Amethyst eventually noticed a change it put it back where it thinks it is supposed to be.
Possibly you want to float the photoshop window first.
shift+alt+t by default.