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Aug 2017
Ian Ynda-Hummel
Aug 02 2017 00:01
It only happens with Chrome?
Aug 02 2017 10:44
I take that back, I've been able to get it to happen with other windows. It feels like I have to drag them further in order to make it happen though
It happens very reliably with Chrome, very unreliably with Terminal
Aug 02 2017 11:13
I have a theory of what's causing it
Amethyst is moving my windows sometimes when focus changes.
This appears to cause several symptoms. One is the resizing-causes-move problem discussed earlier. Another symptom is that when changing spaces (mission control), the window that's gaining focus might get nudged. so that would cause it to swap with the window that's under your cursor
Aug 02 2017 11:50
  • Amethyst is moving my windows by a few pixels sometimes when focus changes