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Aug 2017
Aug 13 2017 15:46
The issue with the frame assigner was my own fault, please disregard.
Giphy Capture does an interesting thing where the kAXWindowMovedNotification event's window is different than the focused window
so by rejecting swap operations where that sort of thing happens, I can prevent the problem I was having.
the weird thing is that windows like GIMP aren't even producing kAXWindowMovedNotification events
Ian Ynda-Hummel
Aug 13 2017 16:15
Do GIMP windows produce any events at all? I thought it was X11 or something weird.
Aug 13 2017 17:37
They really don't seem to produce any events. It probably is X11, I'm just surprised that things with a cocoa-looking title bar aren't considered windows by OSX.