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Jan 2018
Liam Newman
Jan 18 2018 01:25
@kbdluv It doesn't really make them remember. It automatically positions and sizes windows into a particular pattern on the screen.
Jake Zimmerman
Jan 18 2018 05:41
@kbdluv but that being said, you can have amethyst open on launch. So if you restart, Amethyst will auto-launch, and when it launches it will tile any already open windows, and then also tile any windows you open after.
So if you only want Alacritty to take up half the screen, you'll need an extra filler window open (which is a problem I ran into, and so I created to just take up space). Set Alacritty, Spacer, and Amethyst to open at login, and everything will line up no questions asked.