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Aug 2018
Daniel Pittman
Aug 30 2018 14:15
@ianyh, hopefully I understood your suggested feedback path, and I'm sorry if not. I use Amethyst pretty much exclusively to give me "all maximized, all the time" on my mbp. Literally the only layout enabled is "fullscreen". I like this a great deal. The one shortfall is that floating windows -- system preferences most notably -- are positioned top-left at the (0,0) of the workspace. (eg: avoid the dock and menubar.)
That feels off-balance to me, and I'd prefer if they defaulted to being centered horizontally? That'd put them in the, no pun intended, center of attention when they pop into view, given I mostly use Alfred to launch them, and that pops up in, also, the middle of the screen. (centered horizontally, ~ ten percent or so from top vertically, I think? anyway, attention is at center-top of the screen during launch.)
Does that explanation make sense? did I miss an existing enhancement request, when I combed through trello and github issues? Is there another way I should be requesting this? oh, and, thank you so much for the app. It just works, which I find wonderfully refreshing and useful. :)