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I am using Amethyst with a second monitor on a MacBook Air. The monitors are independent and display different things. Is there a way to make Amethyst do different displays on each monitor?
Ian Ynda-Hummel
Yeah, displays should have independent layouts.
The cycling happens on whatever display the cursor is on.
Matej Nemček
Hey, I really love amethyst! However, I find that obsidian doesn't respect some dimension and whenever I have monitor setup, one big screen vertically to my MacBook, windows on native screen MacBook, seems indent screens like 20-100px tho the left, to the vertical one, do you know what issue could it be?
1 reply
love amethyst. wondering if there is a way to make a window not resize to take up an entire pane and leave some empty desktop space. or do panes always have to be filled?
7 replies
Solim LeGris
Hi, I've been wondering how to add Finder windows to the Float list
4 replies
I cannot find the application bundle id for Finder in MacOs
Giuseppe Sorrentino
hi all, I have been working on a clone of Amethyst for windows 10: it's released with the MIT license. I thought it could be interesting for someone here who work on windows too.
Hi folks, does anyone know how to set preferred persistent layout for specific workspaces? Additionally, can we have amethyst remember our preferred layouts. For instance, on workspace 1, I have set the layout to Floating and on workspace 2 to Tall. The problem is that if I quit amethyst and restart it, all workspaces default to the Tall layout, is there any way around this?
Fredrik Friis

Any chance of Amethyst introducing a monocle layout?

Side note: is Amethyst for macOS maintained still? Looks like development stopped in 2020, and I don't see any open issues etc in GitHub...

Will Sheldon
Hi folks :) 3-column layout seems to be broken in OSX Monterey (12.0 beta), I've not put a detailed report together yet, or tried much to fix it, but figured I'd post a warning here.
Will Sheldon
Clearing preferences seems to have fixed it. :)
Ian Ynda-Hummel
Yes it is maintained, I'm just very busy. 😱
On the main page, the instructions to install via brew are "brew cask install amethyst". This will produce "Error: Unknown command: cask". I believe the instructions might need to be updated to "brew install --cask amethyst". Apologies it is meant that way.
Ian Ynda-Hummel
Yeah, the website hasn’t been updated in a while because I update it with releases.
It’s fixed on the repo.
Would anyone want to try a build that supports custom layouts? I’m looking for people to try out making their own layouts with it so I can feel out the functionality more before merging it in.
would love to try custom layouts
ditto..love to try it!
John Wells
Has anyone tried to make amethyst function like i3? I'm looking for an macOS experience as close to i3 as possible. eyeing amethyst and yabai at the moment
John Wells
hello all. I love amethyst and use it every day. However, lately, for some reason it seems to slooooowww down or just freeze completely. When it slows down, events will lag by 30 seconds or more and I get the rainbow pinwheel when hovering the icon. Any ideas what is causing this or how to troubleshoot? It's slowly making amethyst unusable for me :-/
Version 0.15.4 (91) on the latest updates of big sur
Hey, is it possible to modify config (such as mod key bindings) in a config file? I tried making a ~/.amethyst file but it gives an error when loading the app
@seand52 I agree, I would like to be able send specific apps to the main window when they are launched.

Hi, I can see that a while back a section from readme was removed about the configuration file. Also the code for loading the config file is still present in the development branch. Plus a default config file is still in the development branch.

If I create ~/.amethyst file, the app warns me about the file when I enter in app preferences but it seems that the configuration from the file is not being applied. Is this still a reliable way to have an external and versioned configuration for amethyst or is it no longer supported?

Ian Ynda-Hummel
@d1rewolf are you running on M1? I started noticing this after I got a new Air.
Albin Groen
Hey, I just wanted to let you guys know that I wrote a little tool to help automate changing your Amethyst config
Hi, is there a shortcut or a quick way to tile all of the existing windows in the space automatically after Amethyst has just started up?
Ian Ynda-Hummel
It should happen by default when it’s launched. Might be a bug.
Hello! I'm pretty new to Amethyst. I was looking for something i3-like. I like the BSP idea, but I can't figure it out for amethyst. If I'm in the BSP layout, how do I determine where the new window will be placed?
Each time I relaunch amethyst, each desktop layout gets reset to the layout listed first in preferences. I have "Restore layouts on launch" checked. Is anyone else having this problem? Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix? Thanks.
Daniel Corbe
It would be nice to be able to override height controls in tall mode so that I can make windows taller or shorter as I need them
Is it possible for windows to retain their relative position in a screen when thrown to another space/screen? e.g., my Messages app is in upper right corner, not directly attached to the edges. Want it to appear in upper right corner. However, when thrown, windows always go to the upper left corner, fully attached to the edges
@HanSooloo The closest thing Ive found is "send new windows to main pane"
2 replies
Is there a way to always open only certain apps in the main window only?
Prabhjot Singh Chadha
can anyone suggest which key, you have set for mod1 option + shift and mod2 ctrl + option + shift
Hi! Just found this app and really thanks for making this!! One question want to ask. Is there a shortcut to set the currently focused window as the main window directly?
Sorry, didn't noticed the shortcut swap focused window with main window
Will Sheldon
I've been having problems making windows float - specifically some browser extensions which open a new window. I got it working so i figured I'd share. It's done by telling amethyst to float all chrome windows, limited by window title, then run the below applescript to show the titles (which are not the same as what appears in the app bar) - maybe we could add a panel to the UI to list all open windows, making this easier?
tell application "System Events"
get name of every window of every process
end tell
Ian Ynda-Hummel
Hey all, sorry I haven't been active on here. There's no good mobile option for Gitter, and that's usually where I am when I have time available. Considering switching to Discord.
Ian Ynda-Hummel
Okay, going to give this a try.
Jordan Parker
Hi @ianyh , It looks like that discord invite is invalid. Is there a more recent one?
Ian Ynda-Hummel
Changed it to never expire.
hi anyone online here
does amnethyst disable itself after a while of not using the computer or should i be worried
Aryan Prodduturi
what exactly does amethyst define as a small window? I'm referring to the "float small windows" option.
William Cherry

First off, thanks for putting in the time to create this great app. I finally can stop rearranging windows manually :)
Q: How do I enable debugging/logging to diaganose an issue I'm having with layouts working


The app [version 0.15.5 (92)] works as advertised on my personal laptop running MacOS 12.1 but on my work laptop also running MacOS 12.1 layouts don't seem to work at all (e.g. the windows don't move or rearrange in any layouts)
I'm not getting any errors and I've checked the system logs and don't see anything obviously wrong. I'm 98% sure its something that IT has installed on my work laptop that is causing the issue.

1 reply
Abdisalan Mohamud
Anyone else use an ultrawide monitor? I really don't like when I only have one window open and it takes the full space. Has anyone figured out how to make it half size and stay in the middle? I've tried using the other presets but not luck