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My workflow on XFCE was to set up a separate desktop for each project, then switch between them. I regularly had 4-5+ desktops, each running 10+ apps, so I really don't want to see them all in a single app-switcher menu.
Blake Barr
Hi, I'm a long time Linux user and while Amethyst is not i3, it's the closet thing I have found. My frustration is that when I open up new windows (whether it be new browser windows or a terminal) it moves it to a different space, and not the current one which is what I want. Any way to fix this
1 reply
I assume I am not the first person to notice that if you are programming and running a mac app and you've hit a breakpoint, amethyst stops working until you contiune?
anyone else seen this?
David Storm
I have been using Amethyst for a while and wondering if there is a way force float on top. I have this problem where if I float an important window the main pane or any pane can easily obscure it....
@draglabs afloatX is your only option.
Juanra Núñez
Hi guys, for some reason the app stops working randomly. I'm in 12.4 using v0.15.6. Does any of you have the same issue?
Hi all, I've been using amethyst for a few months now and can't live without it. I'm looking at swapping to XMonad on my Linux setup, and I was wondering if anyone's aware of how close to Amethyst's default keybindings it is by default, or if there's a guide on how to set up XMonad so it's similar to Amethyst?
Dusty Quince
Hi guys. Just downloaded Amethyst. Sweet project. On the front page on Github, it mentions Layouts can also be enabled/disabled to control whether they appear in the cycle sequence at all. I'm trying to get at the 3Column-Middle layout, but I guess it isn't enabled in the cycle sequence. How do I enable that? This might be documented somewhere, but if it is, it's not immediately obvious where
Dusty Quince
Ah. Found it.
Mohit Mayank
Is there a way to disable the pop-up (is it called HUD?) that shows the current layout when switching spaces?
Juan M
Hi all, I'm facing 2 issues: controlling which of the main windows is the "real" main and swapping focused with main when using 2 mains
Anyone here use Amethyst with Single Site Applications like Unite/Coherence/Fluid? The SSA windows seem to have a weird behavior in that they don't follow any of the pre-defined layouts in Amethyst. The want to get 'out' of the pre-defined layouts for some reason. Not sure if this is a known issue or limitation with Amethyst? I'd like to be able to control the SSA App Windows just like any other window. FWIW, PWA's work fine, but unfortunately (for no fault of Amethyst), PWA's don't work with uBar (https://ubarapp.com/) - the dock replacement I need...
2 replies

After being forced off linux and missing xmonad; I am very, very happy about amethyst. with a config file it is almost totally there for me.

one thing I am missing is being able to have a "virtual" space per monitor. my mental model would be to have e.g. "coding on space 1", "work browser space 2", "chat space 3" etc. and I could throw those spaces to whichever monitor I wanted; typically having "coding-space(1) on main monitor" and "browser-space(2)" on secondary monitor; but sometimes swapping out the browser monitor for chat-space-3 (or something).

in osx; the spaces seem to either be, all monitors together for each space, or individual spaces per monitor, but they are bound to the monitor; so I can't throw "space 1" to an arbitrary monitor.

unclear if this is my not fully understanding the tool; or a feature not implemented, or no one else does it this way, etc.


i have adapted by still using the same mental model but now my "coding space" is across all the monitors simultaneously. this is mostly okay but less flexible.

ideally (for me) there would be another layer of abstraction within amethyst to work around the way osx treats spaces; with amethyst having some notion of a virtual monitor; allowing "screens" to be thrown between (or simply assigned to) virtual monitors, and then virtual monitors could be thrown between the real osx Spaces.

Ian Ynda-Hummel
If I understand you correctly this will be fixed in an upcomibg version. It’s in beta if you want to try it.
@ianyh can you elaborate? I am running the beta actually (this was the only way I could get the config file)

ah nevermind, I see this PR: ianyh/Amethyst#1209

i will see if i can understand it


after looking I don't think it solves my core problem. the issue still remains that spaces are bound to "real" monitors. if I have two monitors; with separate spaces for each monitor, and a total of 6 spaces. osx will bind spaces One Two and Three to one of the monitors; and Four Five and Six to the other. In this example, we can only see at most one space at a time from each monitor; which is the crux of the problem.

So, if I have all of my "coding stuff" on space 1; and my "work browser" on space 2; in the above setup they could never been side by-side without swapping everything per-window to a space on the other monitor.

The core difference from xmonad (to my memory at least) is that when I switch to the equivalent of a "space" in xmonad, the "space" will take the place of the currently focused screen. wheras with amethsyt on osx; when I switch to a new space it will always just swap out the old one at the same monitor.

Ian Ynda-Hummel
Ah, I see what you’re saying.
Yeah, that’s mostly bound by the operating system.
You could conceivably implement it by moving windows around, but that would get hairy fast and has enough impedance mismatch to probably not be worth it.
yeah I don't know anything about OS specific aspect of it; I am not surprisecd to hear that your intuition is that it would be difficult or impossible to get acceptable performance/feel. I am guess this is due to the cost/side-effects of moving a window across spaces?
Ian Ynda-Hummel
The basic idea is that virtual spaces and system spaces are the same in Amethyst as a matter of convenience. If we did try to implement our own virtual spaces we would be implementing something from scratch that manages moving the windows in the virtual space on screen, and those not in the virtual space off the screen. It’s a lot of functionality to build that is at odds with how the OS itself wants to be managing the windows.
Window management on macOS is kind of a hack because there’s no native extension mechanism. We piggyback on some APIs for accessibility and private undocumented functions.

Thanks; I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I have been playing with it a tiny bit to see what things may be piggybacked on to minimize lift/maximize using the OS the way it wants to be used.

I am not sure if it is something that can be controlled via Amethsyst; but by changing which monitor is the primary monitor (the UI way of doing this is moving the white menu bar from one display to another in the System Preferences -> Display menu); I get behavior which could be exploited to get roughly the behavior I am looking for. It would really only work in a two monitor setup; or the third monitor would be out of scope for space-throwing.

So I guess two questions:

  1. Is changing the primary display something amethyst can be given permission for?
  2. Are there APIs available for manipulating space-to-desktop mapping that ametheyst could use?

I ask #2 because I noticed I actually can move spaces from one monitor to another; it is just the active space cannot be moved. However, if the primary display is moved (while each monitor has a separate space) the active space will move from the old primary display to the new primary display (they will swap).

Marcus Ramberg
Hey, is it possible to configure the default width of the main pane for the tall layout in Amethyst?
Ian Ynda-Hummel
@geoffgolder-ah I suppose there might be an API for moving spaces between monitors, but I have not looked in to that. I would be surprised if we had an API somewhere for changing promary display.
@marcusramberg no, but there’s an option for saving layouts between launches.
Marcus Ramberg
@ianyh thanks, have to look into that.
Hello, I mainly use Two Pane and I often use "Swap focused window with main window" which switches the window I have on the right to my main which is on the left. However, the window that was originally on the left as main more often than not doesn't end up on the right (I have to cycle focus to get it back on the right). Is there a way to actually keep the window that is in main on screen but on the right? (My ideal "Swap focused window with main window" doesn't bring any other window to the screen)
Amethyst float rust apps (just ignores) such as Alacritty and Neovide. Is there any way to fix that?