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Fernando Padilla
about pixar?
Dimitrios Semitsoglou-Tsiapos
hello. i'm trying to configure borg calendar, which uses ical4j- to connect to caldav servers. i've configured it against an owncloud server, but i always end up getting this error http://build.mnode.org/projects/ical4j-connector/xref/net/fortuna/ical4j/connector/dav/DavClient.html#117 . could this be because borg seems to do HTTP, while the server redirects HTTP connections to HTTPS, which is a code in the range of 3xx, and ical4j fails because of this?
Ben Fortuna
Possibly, I'll
I think those redirects shouldn't affect
I think redirects are usually handled before it reaches the application but I'm not too familiar with how Borg works
Dimitrios Semitsoglou-Tsiapos
i see. thanks @benfortuna . i'll have to get in touch with the borg developers
Dimitrios Semitsoglou-Tsiapos
dang it. borg 1.8.2 (as opposed to stable - 1.8.1) has a button to flip http/https. works like a charm now
Matteo Albinola
Hello. I'm trying to parse an iCal file that contains an error on DTSTAMP property.
According to rfc spec DTSTAMP must express dates in UTC but my file doesn't; so i get the following error during parse: "Cannot set timezone for UTC properties" .
So i defined a custom DtStamp property (extending from UtcProperty) with its own factory that overrides setTimezone method, avoiding to throw the unwanted exception.
The problem is that i cannot register it to the defaultFactory hashMap. Is there any way to do it?
This message was deleted
Date startDate = new Date();
String rrule = "FREQ=WEEKLY;COUNT=2;BYDAY=MO";
// initialise as an all-day event
VEvent event = new VEvent(new net.fortuna.ical4j.model.Date(startDate), "bla bla");
// adding rrule
event.getProperties().add(new RRule(rrule));

Calendar calEnd = Calendar.getInstance();
calEnd.set(Calendar.YEAR, 3000);

DateTime start = new DateTime(event.getStartDate().getDate());
DateTime end = new DateTime(calEnd.getTime());
Period period = new Period(start, end);
PeriodList r = event.calculateRecurrenceSet(period);

for (Period p : (Iterable<Period>) r) {
System.out.println(" - " + s.format(d));

This always includes the DTStart date. Please hope any can help me how I can exclude the DTStart?
Maxim Solodovnik
Hello Ben, Any plans to release 2.0-beta2 ? :)
Ben Fortuna
@solomax yes, it's long overdue.. I have created an issue on github to track progress of the releases here: ical4j/ical4j#70
Maxim Solodovnik
Thanks a lot!
got notification, will monitor the issue :)
Mitchell Skaggs
@benfortuna Do you have any plans to release a new minor version? I assume that you're using semantic versioning, so minor changes could go out regularly by incrementing the 2.0.z number or 2.y.z numbers. In particular, there are some bug fixes that are in the master branch, but not in the most recent release.
Ben Fortuna
@magneticflux- yes I will try to start releasing minor versions on a more regular basis. Perhaps based on the number of fixes/features..
Mitchell Skaggs
@benfortuna Mockito has a Continuous Delivery system in place that operates on a per-PR basis. Perhaps a system like that with Travis CI would help?
Ben Fortuna
Yes we currently publish snapshots using Travis ci so maybe just need to update to generate build numbers. The maven Central publish process is the biggest hurdle but could maybe publish to bintray..
Varun Kumar
I'm trying to find generic conference apps that displays iCal event like https://github.com/splitbrain/giraffe
It'd be great if I could have any suggestion.
Mitchell Skaggs
You're best bet is importing the iCal file/url into Google Calendar and using the Google Calendar app.
Tushar Saxena
Hi everyone
can anyone give me the sample java code for creating recurring event ics file?
Your help much appreciated.
Mitchell Skaggs
He has sample code for that
Before adding the event, add a recurrence property
You can also parse a single line as a recurrence property instead of setting fields yourself