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  • Apr 04 2022 22:42

    gregdavill on hw-v1.99-evaluation-designs

    Add 64 pin variant. Merge pull request #55 from ahm… (compare)

  • Apr 04 2022 22:42
    gregdavill closed #55
Adrian Pistol
@kbob Nice! Speaking of downcasing, I'm written lowercase as well. ;)
Bob Miller
@vifino downcased. Further discussion on Discord.
ApplePi What if one doesn't want to use discord because of privacy violations and bad terms of service.
Piotr Esden-Tempski
ApplePi I understand, unfortunately no solution is perfect. There is always a reason why one or other chat platform will have some type of issue. Fortunately we also have the Discourse forum to share your projects, ask questions and interact with the community: https://forum.icebreaker-fpga.com/
Just to make sure the links don't get moved too far up in the chat log, here is a link where you can find the new official Discord chat: https://1bitsquared.com/pages/chat and here is the link to our forum: https://forum.icebreaker-fpga.com/ see you all there! :D
Steven Lavoie
I just got my icebreaker fpga!
Piotr Esden-Tempski
@veloxsouth_gitlab great to hear that! Please join our Discord chat https://1bitsquared.com/pages/chat, or our forum https://forum.icebreaker-fpga.com/ as the channel here is discontinued. You will have a chance to reach more of the community members through the other channels. :D (I know that by accident some of the thank you notes in the packages still include the Gitter chat link instead of Discord.)
hello guys one question
planning to play with led panels for the ice breaker LED pmod, would this aliexpress LED panel work? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32980497304.html
it seems led panel from icebreaker website is out of stock
just figured out from twitter and github the correct panels :)
Piotr Esden-Tempski
Hi @tucanae47, welcome to the icebreaker community.
First of all, this chat is not really active any more. We all have moved to Discord: https://1bitsquared.com/pages/chat
How did you find this gitter channel? I think I fixed all the links I could so that you should be ending up on discord instead.
That said, the LED panels should be in stock at least in the US 1BitSquared store.
The panels with the ICN chip are also available through CrowdSupply: https://www.crowdsupply.com/1bitsquared/icebreaker-fpga and mouser:
Piotr Esden-Tempski
@tucanae47 the panels you are linking to on aliexpress might or might not work. In general most panels work but you might need to figure out how to initialize the shift registers. Also you can't judge that from the listing, as the only thing they guarantee is that you will get the correct size and led pitch of the panel, you have no idea what driver electronics or interface will be on the back. They also like to send something else than what the photos show.
So at the end it is a gamble.
If you can, join us on Discord, we can continue the conversation there. :)
Hi, any idea how many HUB75E (5 address line) panels you can daisy-chain from a Pmod LED Panel Driver, I's starting to think it's something to do with refresh rate but it could also be a hard limit on panels (I've seen 6) I want to get 256 x 256 with a 15Hz refresh rate?

sher-lock > <@gitter_rthorntn:matrix.org> Hi, any idea how many HUB75E (5 address line) panels you can daisy-chain from a Pmod LED Panel Driver, I's starting to think it's something to do with refresh rate but it could also be a hard limit on panels (I've seen 6) I want to get 256 x 256 with a 15Hz refresh rate?

rthorntn (Gitter), No such thing as a hard limit per panels and that resolution should be achievable with 30 MHz

Hi guys. I have a question. Whats the name of the 3.3v and the 1.2v regulator on the icebreaker board? i couldnt find any information like the manufacturer part number in the schematic.
promach2 Which ecp5 board would you guys recommend to get ? Orangecrab or ULX3S ?
@matrixbot you're better off asking on the Discord channel
I personally have a ULX3S which has a very active community on Gitter (I would check it out). But I also hear great things about Orangecrab
Lawrie Griffiths
I have both boards but I use the Ulx3s board a lot more as it has a lot more I/O including HDMI, audio, usb, rtc, oled header, esp32 wifi, Pmod compatibility, etc. The Orangecrab is smaller and has more RAM. It depends what project you are using it for.
Greetings everyone, I am trying to get the Hyperram MOD module to work with little success. The information on the 1bit Squared page is not up to date with the details of the new module that supports up to 256Mbit. The mapping of the signals on the pins is different and it is not mentioned which chip selector signal (CS0, CS1, CS2, CS3) corresponds to the physical IC in the board.
Chuck McManis
The 1BitSquared discord server is a better place to ask questions
Ben Scherrey
Cool case/keyboard/screen to hold & operate your custom designs. Hoping the guy gets funded so I can get mine. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jlafleur/ready-model-100-portable-computer-kit?ref=d8pkdb
Hello IceBreaker community - I am looking for the KiCAD footprint and 3D model for the IceBreaker module. This so that I can use the IceBreaker as a component on a larget PCB. I've been searching for the past hour bus just cannot find it. Anyone has it or knows where I can find it? So just the PMOD1A 1B PMOD2 FLASH and RGBLED and +5V +3V3 GND connectors, as if the IceBreaker is one IC that I'd place on my motherboard for it...